Latest News

Latest News

Publication of Statistics and Interpretation of Results Article

Director of Science, Tim Moss, and Principal Scientist, Daniel Sheard, recently wrote an article on statistics and interpretation of results.

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The Mersey Cluster – A Round Table Debate

Marketing Manager, Adam Whittle, took part in a round-table debate about the Mersey Cluster which was chaired by Sean Moloney. Panellists included Dr Dimitrios Paraskevadakis (LJMU), Gareth Gilbert BSc(Hons) (Stone Marine Shipcare), Steven Jones FRSA, Sue Henney (KVH Industries) and Mike Williams MSc, CSyP (MIRIS International).

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Hong Kong Seminar: Current Contamination Cases

Tim Moss, Luigi Petrone and Karwei So will give a talk titled ‘Analysis Paralysis?’ in which they will help you understand how common scientific techniques work. Ivan Todorov; our Singapore-based tanker master will also host a ‘Tanker Tribulations’ talk discussing his own experiences where he has witnessed liquid cargo become contaminated. Finally, Mike Liu; our Singapore-based fuel chemist, will explain how in the bunker business not all can be as it seems and how analysis can separate fact from fiction.

We hope to see you all there. You can view the leaflet here.

Brookes Bell acquires specialist petroleum consultancy Associated Petroleum Consultants Ltd.

Brookes Bell, the leading international multi-disciplinary technical and scientific consultancy serving the marine and energy sectors, announces the acquisition of Associated Petroleum Consultants (APC) for an undisclosed consideration.

APC is an association of consultants to the oil and shipping industry, with over 30 years of experience in the investigation of disputes and claims arising from the various technical aspects in the quantity and quality control of bulk liquid oil transport.

Ray Luukas, Chief Technical Officer, Brookes Bell, says: “We have long recognised expertise across international marine and energy sectors and are constantly looking to develop and improve the services we offer to our clients. APC’s specialist knowledge and expertise in petroleum and related fields are particularly relevant at this time and will significantly enhance our service proposition to clients in this area. David and his team are now a welcome addition to Brookes Bell and we look forward to working with them as we continue to develop our range of technical services.”

Captain David Payne, Director says: “As a leading expert in all aspects of the quantity and quality control of bulk-shipped liquid cargoes, I believe APC will provide important specialist and complementary expertise to enhance Brookes Bell’s already comprehensive range of services.”

Superyacht Coatings Success

Congratulations to Luigi Petrone who, having undertaken a course of instruction and having passed with Distinction an examination in the ‘Inspection of Marine Coatings’ has been awarded the title of Registered Marine Coatings Inspector for Superyachts; accredited by the International Institute of Marine Surveying

RMCI is an industry standard and professional qualification which was instigated by the SuperYacht Builders Association (SYBAss) in conjunction with the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) and the Institute of Corrosion (ICorr). RMCI is the only qualification that is accepted by SYBAss members, paint companies, repair and refit yards and coating facilities worldwide to perform and direct inspection or testing operations of luxury vessels.

To find out more about Brookes Bell’s Superyacht Services, please visit the website

New Website & Contacts App

Brookes Bell Contacts Logo

Brookes Bell are pleased to announce the release of both our new website and our updated Brookes Bell Contacts app for both Android™ and iPhone®, available on Google Play™ and on the ​App Store®.

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Hong Kong Seminar

Our experts in the Hong Kong office will be hosting a special Halloween seminar on 25 October 2018 by sharing some unusual and often mysterious case studies.

Session I

  • Richard Gains and the Poltergeist Cargo
    A look at an interesting GA survey and some thoughts on shipping project cargoes.
  • Matthew Fenton and the Things That Go Bump in the Engine
    How coordination and planning of inspections in new builds can prevent serious engine damage.

Session II

  • Luigi Petrone and the Unmasked Coatings
    Sometimes the cargo contamination is not from an obvious source.
  • Graham Hill and the Deathly Mix
    Supposedly innocent cargo with an explosive secret.
  • Tim Moss and the Phantom Moisture
    Often when inexplicable moisture is found in a cargo people automatically assume ingress but it is rarely the answer.
  • Richard Gains and the Ghost Ship
    Looking out of the Bridge Window is not always the answer!
    An interesting grounding and salvage case with a difference.

The seminar will commence at 18.00 followed by drinks and canapés served around 20.15.  For more information and to reserve your place, please contact Reze Li

View the invitation here.

Brookes Bell Contacts

Brookes Bell Contacts Logo

Brookes Bell are proud to announce our new Brookes Bell Contacts app for both Android™ and iPhone®, available on Google Play™ and on the ​App Store®.

Brookes Bell Contacts will give you the convenience of having access to all the Brookes Bell experts in one place, whilst on the go, wherever you go.

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The 10th Hong Kong Seminar

Climate change is affecting different aspects of our lives, including maritime industry. Our multi-disciplined team of experts held a seminar for 65 guests on 10 May 2018 at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel on the theme of Challenges Presented by Modern Ship Design. This event successfully brought clients’ attention on how today’s worsening weather conditions will impact our industry.

To set the scene for the seminar, Captain Graham Hill enlightened clients on weather and its effects on the sea and consequently the ships. Then, Tim Moss and Luigi Petrone introduced what could happen to sensitive cargos such as Group A cargoes under rough weather. After that, Brendan Cuffe, our engineer from Shanghai, presented on how environmental considerations impacts the shipping industry as it strives to reach the 2020 sulphur reduction goals, lower marine emissions as well as ballast water management. Finally, Luigi rounded up the night with a concise explanation of the relationship between increasing sea water temperature, marine fouling and fuel consumption.

The seminar not only raised clients’ awareness on worsening weather and environment but also provided a platform for seeking solutions. One of the clients commented that “Prevention is better than cure. It is good to know why the weather is changing and what can be done to prevent further damage. We all are socially responsible for the state of today’s world.”

Engineering and scientific disciplines bolstered by global recruitment drive

Brookes Bell is pleased to welcome two marine engineers, two scientists and a metallurgist to the UK and Asia.

Martin Twomey

Martin is a marine engineer with a first-class Certificate of Competency (Motor). He also obtained additional qualifications in Marine Surveying, Naval Architecture, Drydock Planning and Management and in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Shipping.

Martin has sailed on Gas Tankers, Container, Bulk & Reefer Vessels in positions up to and including Chief Engineer and during his time at sea gained considerable experience of the management, operation and maintenance of various marine power plants, including slow and medium speed diesel engines, and their associated equipment.

Additionally, he has experience in ship management, working as a fleet performance manager, performance superintendent and in crew training & vessel inspection, dry-dockings, vessel modifications and upgrade projects.

Martin is based in our Shanghai office.

Mark Lamb

Mark is a Marine Engineer with an unlimited chief engineer certificate of competency (Motor).

He has 18 years of seagoing experience, with an initial 12 years in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer Artificer where he achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer. This was followed by achieving commercial engineering certification, alongside parallel employment on various superyachts and cruise ships.

Mark has extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of medium and high-speed engines, gas turbine and diesel electric propulsion, and associated auxiliary machinery systems and equipment.

Immediately prior to joining Brookes Bell, he worked as a technical superintendent for feeder container vessels trading in European and North African ports.

Mark is currently working out of our Liverpool office but will be based in Singapore.

Dr Bryan Ward

Bryan has a first-class master’s degree in Chemistry from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh and a PhD in Computational Chemistry from Imperial College London.

Prior to joining Brookes Bell, he worked in scientific publishing at the Royal Society of Chemistry and carried out academic research at Imperial College for 2 years.

Bryan is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and based in our Liverpool office.

Dr Marcelo Rodrigues

Marcelo has a PhD in Biological Sciences and five years post-doctoral experience between Spain, France, USA, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining Brookes Bell, he carried out academic research as Senior Research Fellow for 10 years on multi-disciplinary marine science, molecular biology and bio-chemistry projects. Marcelo completed three research cruises on-board the oceanographic research vessels ‘Sarmiento de Gamboa’ and ‘Hesperides’. His research focused on the formulation of new adhesives for underwater applications via the characterisation of adhesives encountered in nature and has used a wide range of molecular biology, proteomics, immunochemistry and bioinformatics techniques.

Marcelo’s scientific and surveying expertise concerns the ocean carriage and storage of a wide variety of commodities. He has technical experience with bulk cargoes, particularly relating to the loading and discharge of soya beans, sampling and laboratory testing of such cargoes, as well as survey investigations of cargo damage in solid bulk shipments. Marcelo has expert knowledge in specific biological systems and has carried out investigations into the origins of hold infestations of organisms onto hull fouling and ballast water management systems.

Marcelo is based in our Liverpool office.

Kim Chua

Kim is a chartered engineer with a first-class MEng (Hons) degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering.

She has 12 years industrial experience working at a rolling mill and in several laboratories, specialising in corrosion resistant alloys, steel alloys and aluminium alloys. Kim has implemented product development projects for wrought aluminium alloys, provided metallurgical consultation and conducted failure investigations. She has sour service experience, foundry experience, skills in destructive testing and non-destructive testing techniques, particularly replication, strain gauge measurements, and power line assessment.

Prior to joining Brookes Bell, Kim was responsible for ensuring laboratory tests were performed to international standards including ISO, NACE, ASTM and API. As a senior metallurgist at the rolling mill, she was responsible for ensuring that the wrought aluminium alloys were manufactured to specifications stipulated by the customer, and international standards including EN, ASME, ASTM etc. She has also jointly patented a new rolling method for the manufacture of wrought aluminium alloys.

Kim is based in our Singapore office.