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Seminar in Hong Kong on 10 May 2018

Seminar in Hong Kong on 10 May 2018

Using case studies and personal sea going experiences, Brookes Bell’s multi-disciplined team of experts will host a seminar in Hong Kong on 10 May 2018 to discuss the challenges presented by modern ship designs in today’s worsening weather conditions.

The programme includes:

  • Master Mariners’ first-hand experiences of ship handling in heavy weather and pilotage on large bulk carriers and car carriers.
  • Cargo Scientists' view on the behaviour of certain cargoes when weather conditions deteriorate, including cargo quality and safety issues.
  • Regulatory challenges faced by ship owners and operators including bunkers, ballast water treatment and emissions which present significant issues.

The seminar will commence at 6:00pm and drinks and canapés will be served around 8.15pm. For more information and to reserve your place, please contact Connie Li at Connie.li@brookesbell.com.

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