Charles Gillespie

Charles Gillespie

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Charles Gillespie

Naval Architect/Marine Engineer

based in Miami

Direct Tel: +1 954 608 1907
Office Tel: +1 954 885 9850
Qualifications: BSc


Charles Gillespie is a Licensed Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Professional Engineer with over 18 years’ experience in support of maritime industries. He has shipboard and offshore experience including numerous marine salvage projects and offshore tanker mooring installations worldwide. Charles is a Senior Engineer/Naval Architect who has performed analyses and calculations in support of mooring, lightering, ballasting, drydocking, and trim and stability. He has experience with on-site management, HAZMAT remediation, vessel structural and stability limits, and liaising with domestic and international regulatory and government agencies. Charles is the principal surveyor in the Florida office, with experience in a variety of cargo and vessel surveys.

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