Daniel Sheard

Daniel Sheard

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Daniel Sheard

Principal Scientist

based in Liverpool

Direct Tel: + 44 7471 995920
Office Tel: +44 151 236 0083
Email: daniel.sheard@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: MA, MSc, PhD (Cantab), CPhys, MInstP, FIFST


About Daniel

Dr Daniel Sheard has been a partner at Brookes Bell since May 2001.

Offering a scientific approach to damage, spoilage and deterioration, Daniel provides expert sampling, analysis and evidence for incidents involving commodities such as -

  • Bagged and bulk products - Sugar, rice, cocoa
  • Seed cake cargoes - Soya bean meal, corn gluten feed, sunflower pellets and cottonseed meal
  • Edible oils and whole oilseeds
  • Fertilisers, chemicals and fishmeal
  • Refrigerated and frozen cargoes - Fish, meat, fruit and vegetables
  • Grain - Maize (corn), wheat, barley, sorghum
  • Minerals and coal – including ores and concentrates

Helping prevent loss, Dr Sheard advises on -

  • Safe carriage
  • Storage
  • Infestation and fumigation of cargoes
  • Detection of genetically modified (GM) foodstuffs
Applying science to prevention and investigations

Specialising in carriage and deterioration Daniel identified the source and safe control of infestation of cargoes.

Daniel’s expertise with cargo has also been used to investigate cargo fires and explosions - including coal, direct reduced iron and incidences of spontaneous combustion.

Attending on board ship Dr Sheard advises on –

  • Cause – Identifying key factors
  • Extent – Determining the size of the problem
  • Remedy – Offering advice to stop continuing loss and prevent recurrence

Capable of providing advice in person or by assessing documentary evidence, Daniel has been involved in several investigations of heating and deterioration, offering technical advice for the safe carriage of –

  • Materials that may liquefy
  • Nickel ore
  • Iron ore fines

Preparing technical scientific reports, Daniel has given evidence in court and at arbitration hearings in the United Kingdom and the USA.

  • Ph.D in the Physics of Sound Transmission in Arctic Waters, Scott Polar
  • Research Institute/Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
  • MSc Microbiology (Distinction)
  • BA (first class) in Natural Sciences, including – Physics, Chemistry, Cellular Biology and Mathematics.

Dr Sheard co-authored -

  • An Analytical Technique for Solving an Arctic Acoustic Model (1992)
  • Wave Scattering in a Rough Elastic Layer Adjoining a fluid half-space (1995)
  • Cargo Ventilation (2006)

The Hartree and Clerk Maxwell University Prizes for first place in Physics final examinations (whilst at Cambridge University)

Academic career
  • Master of Mathematics and Careers Master, Eton College, Windsor (1994-96)
  • Lector and Director of Studies in Applied Mathematics, Christ's College, Cambridge (1992-94)
  • Research Student at Scott Polar Research Institute and Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge (1990-94)
Professional Status and Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Member of the Institute of Physics. Chartered Physicist.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology

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