David Anderson

David Anderson

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David Anderson

Consultant Master Mariner

based in Liverpool

Direct Tel: +44 7770 440338
Office Tel: +44 151 236 0083
Email: david.anderson@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: BSc, DMS, FCMS, MRIN


About David

Before becoming a marine surveyor, Dave was at sea over a seventeen-year period, serving in passenger and cargo liners, general cargo vessels, crude oil and products tankers, a vegetable oil tanker and coastal bulk carriers, in all ranks from cadet to chief officer. Dave had two years' experience as a marine surveyor and consultant before joining Brookes Bell in 1982. He was a partner from 1986 to 2010, and is now a Consultant.

Particular interests and experience
  • Personal injuries & fatalities.
    Dave Anderson has been involved in numerous cases, both in the marine environment and in inland waterways, and has been appointed on behalf of defendants, plaintiffs and, since the introduction of the Woolf reforms, as the 'single joint expert'. He has given evidence in court in a number of cases.
  • The carriage of timber.
    Having carried timber and logs with Ocean Fleets & Palm Line, he has since become involved with numerous claims, including shifts and loss of timber deck cargoes.
  • Problems involving the development of condensation in ships' holds and in containers, and their control, where appropriate, by ventilation. The ability of various ventilation systems to achieve this.
  • Hold cleanliness disputes involving a variety of 'clean' dry bulk cargoes. Dave has travelled to various parts of the world to advise upon hold cleanliness and to assist vessels to meet the requested standard, and has given evidence in arbitration in a number of these cases.
An experienced Marine Surveyor

Dave has undertaken inspections on numerous ship types, including:

  • General cargo vessels
  • Bulk carriers
  • Container ships
  • Ro-ro vessels
  • Clean and dirty oil tankers
  • Parcel tankers.

He has prepared technical reports and has given evidence at arbitrations, the High Court and magistrates' courts.

Particular Surveying and Consultancy Experience
  • Damage to and/or loss of:
    • Personal injury/fatality investigations.
    • Break-bulk cargoes.
    • Chemicals, including various dry and liquid, packaged, containerised and in bulk, both hazardous and non-hazardous.
    • Grains, seeds and feedstuffs, both packaged and in bulk.
    • Hydrocarbon, animal and vegetable oils.
    • Minerals, both packaged and in bulk.
    • Neo-bulk cargoes, including newsprint, pulp, steel, scrap.
    • Refrigerated and chilled cargoes, including fruit, fish and vegetables.
    • Steel, unfinished, finished and structural.
    • Timber and forest products.
    • Condition surveys.
    • Damages to harbour installations.
    • Draught surveying.
    • Lashing and securing of cargo.
    • Pre-loading condition of cargo.
    • Safe port/berth investigations.
    • Stability considerations.
    • Structural damage to vessels.
    • Ice damage and navigation in ice.
  • Professional Qualification
    • Master's Foreign-Going Certificate of Competency, 1976 (Griffiths Award for highest marks in the United Kingdom that year).
    Academic Qualifications
    • B.Sc. in Nautical Studies, Liverpool Polytechnic.
    • Diploma in Management Studies, Liverpool Polytechnic.
    • 2006, Anderson, D, Sheard, JD & North of England P&I Association. Cargo Ventilation. ISBN 0 9546537 5 0.

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