Graeme Kirby

Graeme Kirby

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Graeme Kirby

NDT Engineering Technician

based in Liverpool

Direct Tel: +44 151 236 0083
Office Tel: +44 151 236 0083


Graeme Kirby is an Engineering Technician (PCN Level 2, ISO 9712) specialising in the field of NDT. Graeme has worked in the Heavy Industry Sector for 15 years, with a wealth of experience in the field of Oil Gas, Energy, Rail Integrity Inspection and Material Analysis.

He has been with Brookes Bell since 2019 and has spent many years offering expert technical support and advice to OEM’s, industry Owners and Operators, he has worked on outage campaigns and shutdowns across Europe. His work throughout his career has entailed providing pre and in-service inspection for PMI and optical emission spectroscopy, material hardness and feritscope. Whilst performing regular non-intrusive radiographic inspections and ultrasonic testing of production plant and infrastructure.

He is PCN certified by The Welding Institute (TWI) and the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing (BINDT) in the following fields : -

  • Ultrasonic testing 3.1, 3.2, 3.8, 3.9,
  • C-Swip visual weld inspection 3.1,
  • Magnetic Particle Testing PCN L2 (welds/castings/forgings)
  • Penetrant Testing PCN L2 (welds/castings/forgings)

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