Kieran Dodworth

Kieran Dodworth

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Kieran Dodworth

Director of Naval Architecture

based in Glasgow

Direct Tel: +44 7917 685777
Office Tel: +44 141 572 5570
Qualifications: BEng, PhD, MIMarEST, CEng, FRINA


About Kieran

Dr Kieran Dodworth has been with Safety at Sea– part of the Brookes Bell Group - since 2001 and was appointed as the Managing Director in 2009.

As a member of the board of directors with direct responsibility for the running of Safety at Sea, Kieran also uses his expertise in marine structure aero and hydro dynamics to develop both services for international clients.

Kieran’s substantial knowledge and experience has made his opinion much sought after, offering advice, reporting and writing articles on:

  • Non-linear dynamics of offshore structures
  • Vessel dynamics & Seakeeping
  • Line dynamics (moorings & risers)
  • Structural analysis
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Hull form and superstructure design

Advising clients, Kieran’s specialist knowledge has led to him becoming a respected expert witness, providing his expertise in a number of complex civil and criminal court cases and in arbitration. He has given evidence in arbitration hearings in London and in the US.

Providing a scientific approach to investigations and consultancy

With comprehensive experience Kieran investigates and consults with clients in respect of:

  • Strength analysis of damaged and as-designed structures
  • Critical defects and fatigue
  • Flooding rates and stability
  • Hydrodynamic performance and loads

Kieran and his team continually develop the company’s analysis capabilities to improve on the accuracy, cost and speed of analysis. Her offers specialist insight into:

Offshore and in port
  • Structural failures of rigs and subsea structures
  • Risers, umbilicals and mooring chains
  • Mooring lines and vessel interaction
  • Pier damage
  • Crane failures
  • Pollution incidents following hull damage
Vessel analysis
  • Grounding and partial capsize – from fishing vessels to tankers
  • Vessel capsize and foundering (fishing vessels, car ferries, car carriers, tugs, AHV’s, dumb barges and bulk carriers)
  • Residual strength of merchant ships. hull failures
  • Cruise liner design and analysis for optimal aerodynamics
  • Accidental flooding
  • Rudder and roll stabilisation fins vibration and fatigue.
  • Lashing failures and container stack collapse
  • Machinery component strength
  • Propeller selection and performance issues
Improving safety

Advising on fishing vessel stability and car ferries, Kieran helps improve safety for the marine authorities.

Kieran has provided technical input into Flag Administration investigations of serious incidents.

  • PhD "The Application of Potential Flow Theory to Damaged Hull Dynamics”
  • BEng. Hons (1st Class) Naval Architecture and Small Crafts
  • Member of Institute of Marine Engineers Scientists and Technologists (IMarEST)

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