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Scientific and Cargo Expertise

Scientific and Cargo Expertise

Scientific and Cargo Expertise

Scientific and Cargo Expertise

Scientists within the Brookes Bell Group can provide unrivalled technical knowledge relating to the transportation of all types of commodities carried at sea. If you have an unusual cargo problem or a problem with a novel cargo, Brookes Bell Group Scientists can help. We have decades of experience of applying our scientific and technical knowledge in difficult or unusual situations.

With our understanding of shipping and access to the other expertise to be found within Brookes Bell, we can offer an unparalleled flexibility of approach.

Technical Investigation of Cargo Claims

Brookes Bell Group has a proven track record of assisting clients with various types of cargo disputes. Our expertise can be traced back over 50 years and we have a strong record of success in providing expert evidence for litigation. Our Scientists have backgrounds in, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geosciences, Foods and feedstuffs.

Brookes Bell regularly advises on bulk foodstuffs (grain, oilseeds, sugar etc.) and animal feeds (seed cakes etc,). We are able to assist our clients with all aspects of deterioration, spoilage, heating, contamination, quality disputes, food/feed safety, GM food regulations and other losses. We have extensive reference material and access to studies and data on all types of commodity.

Cargo Advice (Loss Prevention and Regulatory IMSBC/IMDG Codes)

Brookes Bell have a unique depth and breadth of scientific cargo expertise. We can offer assistance in understanding and interpreting all aspects of the IMDG Code for the carriage of packaged goods, and the IMSBC Code for bulk commodities, such as:

  • Liquefaction/Group A (iron ore fines, concentrates, nickel ore)
  • Seed Cake
  • Coal
  • Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)
  • Sulphur
  • Fertiliser
  • And many others.

We have expertise regarding the correct categorising and declaration of dangerous goods and we can assist with the UN Standard Tests which define the hazard classes.

Cargo Liquefaction

Brookes Bell is industry-leading in the field of cargo liquefaction. We have had a major presence in the evaluation for the safe carriage of, Nickel ore, Iron ore fines and other commodities liable to liquefy. Our global presence in both the Far East and Europe allows our Scientists to carry out attendances on site during the loading of cargoes liable to liquefy and to advise on proper sampling and laboratory testing of these materials.

Brookes Bell provides emergency assistance in instances of cargo liquefaction occurring at sea resulting in casualties or calls at ports of refuge. Our knowledge and expertise have been used to provide extensive technical advice and information to the marine industry. Our reputation and standing in this area is further demonstrated in that we have advised industry bodies including BIMCO, the International Group and Intercargo on liquefaction issues.

Commissioning and Witnessing Forensic Laboratory Testing

With its extensive knowledge of laboratory techniques, the Brookes Bell Group can help when laboratory work needs to be commissioned.

Getting the right laboratory and the right testing method is a very important part of the process of getting the correct accurate answer. We draw on our extensive experience to assist our clients by advising on the selection of test methods and any preparatory work which may be required, since this is often a crucial part of the testing process.


Coating failures and the necessary repairs can be costly and time-consuming. Brookes Bell provide assistance with investigations of the root cause of coating failure to determine whether there are issues related for instance to the application, quality of the coating or the specific service environment.

The investigation typically starts by discussing the nature of the problem with our clients and by reviewing all the relevant documentation, such as coating specifications and maintenance history. In addition, we can conduct field examinations, collect samples and assist with laboratory forensic analysis. Ultimately, Brookes Bell aim at identifying the root cause(s) of coating failures and advising on the required repair.