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Software Products

Systema – Systems Analysis Modeller

Brookes Bell's Systema (formerly known as BBSAM) is an innovative and convenient tool designed to carry out systematic FMEA/FMECA evaluations of the ship’s essential systems, in line with SOLAS Safe Return to Port (SRtP) provisions and the corresponding IMO’s guidelines.

The tool is used to provide consultancy, but it is also available for purchase by ship designers/builders responsible for undertaking SRtP redundancy verification in line with SOLAS.

Systema is based on a full inter-system dependency model of the ship’s essential systems, including the geographical location of components. The software outputs manual crew actions for recovery of failed systems and includes automatic reporting which forms the basis of the documentation needed to demonstrate SRtP and produce scenario specific crew manuals for use onboard. Systema’s output is also the first step in implementing Brookes Bell’s on board Crew Advisory Tool (BBCAS).

Safe Return to Port (SRtP) On-board Crew Advisory System (BBCAS)

Brookes Bell’s SRtP On-board CAS is an electronic database incorporating key aspects of the SRtP FMEA/FMECA validation studies, with a dedicated user interface providing easy access to relevant design documentation and crew manual actions required to demonstrate compliance with SOLAS SRtP provisions. The system facilitates planning, carrying out, monitoring and recording SRtP drills conducted by the crew for Port State Control purposes and emergency preparedness training.

EVI - Advanced Evacuation Analysis

EVI conforms to the definition of advanced evacuation analysis in accordance with the IMO Guidelines on evacuation analysis for passenger ships (MSC\Circ.1533) and in accordance with the provisions of SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation 13-7.4 (evacuation analysis).

EVI is a user-friendly software tool developed as a multi-agent simulation suitable for modelling buildings, ship layouts and other complex environments with narrow passageways.

The software has been used as a consultancy tool for over 40 vessel designs to demonstrate compliance with IMO requirements, in support of design iterations and fire risk assessment of internal ship layouts and to validate passenger ships’ turnaround time in newly developed terminal buildings.

Bespoke Software Development

Brookes Bell Safety at Sea has a proven track record of problem solving, providing practical solutions. These are often an analysis, a work procedure or a design, but sometimes a tailored piece of software which answers a specific need from one of our clients.

In providing software services of this type, the company draws upon components written for its own software products and its diverse staff of engineers, programmers and mathemeticians well used to solving challenging issues. We provide the perfect blend between engineering know-how and software design.

We can provide our services as a fixed sum, an hourly rate or as licences depending on the needs of the project, the client and whether the development are in line with our own.