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EVI - Advanced evacuation analysis simulation software

EVI is a multi-agent pedestrian dynamics simulation environment developed in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidelines for evacuation analysis of passenger ships. The simulation approach (referred to as advanced evacuation analysis in the IMO guidelines) was developed in partnership with the University of Strathclyde in 2001. Since then, Safety at Sea Ltd has upgraded and maintained the tool for commercial use in consultancy and as a commercial product.

Advanced Evacuation Analysis | Sophisticated Behavioural Models | Application Features

EVI - Escape & Evacuation Analysis

Advanced Evacuation Analysis

Advanced evacuation analysis is meant to be a computer-based simulation that represents each occupant as an individual, and that has a detailed representation of the layout of a ship and represents the interaction between the occupants and the layout (ref to IMO MSC\Circ.1238).

Advanced evacuation analysis is conducted during concept and basic design stages to verify the effectiveness of the planned escape routes and the location of muster stations. It is also aimed at identifying and eliminating potential congestion points.

Safety at Sea has carried out advanced evacuation analysis on more than 40 passengers ships, including ropax ferries, cruise vessels and large capacity offshore construction vessels using EVI.

EVI model of a Ro-Ro passenger ferry at the terminal for turnaround time analysis (2700 passengers).

Validation and Verification

Component testing, functional and qualitative verification in line with Annex 3 of MSC/Circ.1238. Regarding quantitative verification, Brookes Bell Safety at Sea actively participates in research activities to ensure state-of-the-art experimental data and knowledge is incorporated promptly in all in-house software. R&D projects supporting EVI developments include:


  • EUREKA funded project 2 835
  • Started March 2002, finished 20 June 2006
  • Partners: Fincantieri, Carnival, RINA, among others
  • Our activities: WP2, full scale assembly trials on cruise vessel
  • View the website


  • EC funded FP7 project
  • Started September 2009, finished November 2012
  • Partners: BMT, BV, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Color Line, among others
  • Our activities: full scale trials on ro-pax and a cruise vessels.
  • View the website

Applications of EVI

EVI can be used to aid a variety of tasks including:

  • Evacuation analysis (MSCCirc.1238).
  • Cruise ships layout development.
  • Passenger terminals turnaround time assessment.
  • Escape Evacuation and Rescue Assessments (EERA) for offshore installations.

Escape Evacuation and Rescue Assessments (EERA) software in action.

Video Demonstrations

EVI Smoke Simulation

EVI IMO Night Case Simulation

EVI Interaction Clip

EVI Crew Evacuation Simulation

Sophisticated Behavioural Models

EVI incorporates a sophisticated mesoscopic agent's behaviour model. This allows the simulation to include:

  • Microscopic behaviour - such as personal space and interaction with environment and others.
  • Macroscopic behaviour - such as objectives and path planning.

Application Features

Quick, Efficient Modelling

CAD files can be used to build accurate models within minutes

Real-time Simulation

Real-time simulation and a 3-D interactive graphical user interface allows for play-back and analysis of different scenarios.

Customisable Reporting

EVI is capable of generating standard and user-defined reports.

Commands & Scripting

Commands and scripting capabilities allow for the modelling of complex scenarios, e.g. validation of Muster List and crew procedures).

Handle Uncertainty

Explicit handling of uncertainty using the Monte-Carlo simulation approach allows for the inclusion of factors such as occupants' demographics (e.g walking speed).

Fire & Flooding Simulation

EVI can be linked with fire and flooding simulation software to undertake direct assessment of the impact of smoke and flooding on escape/evacuation performance.


If you would like to know more about the software, or request a quotation, please get in touch with us at evi@brookesbell.com