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Super Yacht Services

Super Yacht Services

Super Yacht Services

Over the last 30 years, we have brought unrivalled and multi-discipline in-house skill sets to the super and mega yacht sector. We enjoy a reputation for being the “go to firm” for expert witness skills, technical dispute resolution, forensic analysis and casualty investigation.

Our experience with super and mega yachts also includes new build issues, assessment of design and performance, forensic engineering and provision of innovative and practical safety solutions honed over many years from our experience in the passenger ship industry.

Our personnel are full time, exclusive, and highly qualified and experienced in their respective disciplines, including master mariners, marine engineers, naval architects, metallurgy/material scientists, fire investigators, claims handlers, etc. This wealth of practical experience is combined with cutting edge in-house technology.

Operating from offices in Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, Brookes Bell serve a client base which includes some of the most high-profile super and mega yacht owners, charterers, managers, builders, H&M and P&I insurance organizations and the main law firms with super yacht practices.

Marine Engineers

Between them, our marine engineers have more than 100 years’ experience in surveying and investigating the causes of machinery failures and other accidents around the world, including those on super and mega yachts.

Most of our marine engineers have seagoing experience as chief engineer, including all types of propulsion and electrical generation systems, such as conventional diesel, diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic and gas turbines.

Their expertise is called on at every stage of a vessel's lifecycle, including new-build specification, attendance at sea trials, in-service performance, casualties, machinery breakdowns and related technical dispute resolution.

We excel in forensic investigation and component failure analysis and have in-house metallurgy/material scientists and high-level NDT capability.

We carry out all manner of hull and machinery damage assessment, repair specification, tender analysis and repair cost summary. The majority of our engineers have given expert witness evidence in Courts and Arbitrations internationally.

Naval Architecture & Software

We bring the very best of Passenger Ship Technology to Yacht Design allowing our client to benefit from innovation across the industry.

Brookes Bell are industry leaders in providing safe, innovative and practical design solutions in the passenger and yacht industries. The company is proud of its record of providing ground-breaking services allowing designers and owners the opportunity to realise visionary ambitions which are workable in operation, comply with regulations and represent engineering best-practices.

We can help you to assess and carry out Alternative Design solutions from concept to certification, allowing you to comply with SOLAS requirements without slavishly following prescriptive provisions. For example, this flexibility allows for open owners’ spaces with safety levels as high as ordinary designs or better.

We are industry-leading experts at providing elevated levels of outdoor comfort allowing the very best control of wind and exhaust emissions. We have designed some of the most innovative wind-control measures in the passenger vessel industry. Our analysis and design expertise have allowed a large number of motor yachts to achieve the best-possible powering solutions using our extensive expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Propulsion Hydrodynamics. Working with our marine engineers, our naval architects can apply state of the art software tools to advance high performance and weight- saving solutions to realise ambitious design goals.

We have played a central role in assisting passenger ship and large yacht designers to respond to the new system redundancy regulations known as Safe Return to Port. We can provide the design and software solutions you need to ensure your yacht functions following a fire or flooding incident.

Master Mariners

Our master mariners have direct command experience in handling a diverse range of passenger ships and cargo vessels. We offer expert advice and act as expert witnesses in jurisdictions throughout the world.

Their services include, but are not limited to, carrying out initial casualty surveys and making damage assessments, project managing salvage and wreck removal, calculating repair cost analysis, liaising with shipyards before and during repairs and preparing real-time vessel simulations to assist with collision or grounding investigations.

Whatever your requirements, our master mariners can help.

Fire Investigators

Our team of fire investigators are highly qualified and experienced and drawn from multi-disciplined backgrounds, including physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and metallurgy.

A fire scene is a complex and challenging environment in which to work, more so to establish the cause of the fire. Our investigators are able to gather large amounts of information in a limited period of time, which they then use to establish the cause, development of the fire and the underlying factors that contributed to the ignition source.

Our fire investigators are amongst the most respected in their fields and have many years’ experience in producing reports and providing expert evidence in Court and Arbitration.

Claim Handlers

Our claims handlers have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with marine and energy claims, and possess qualifications recognised by the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Association of Average Adjusters.

If a casualty should occur, we realise the importance of being able to call on expert advice; therefore, we have a dedicated 24-hour emergency contact number available to all our clients.

In the event of an emergency we can advise insurers or yacht owners on casualty response planning, coordination and investigation for all types of yacht.

With our extensive range of in-house disciplines, we do not need to outsource claims. We are able to offer a bespoke service, managing claims efficiently with minimum inconvenience to our clients.