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Casualty Investigation

Casualty Investigation

With offices in Liverpool, London, Sidcup, Glasgow, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, Brookes Bell lead the market in marine, scientific and technical consultancy and casualty investigation.

Our investigations involve all matters relating to the marine industry including ship' operations and cargoes, whether operating as emergency response, attending at the site of a casualty or providing opinions from documents.

We specialise in forensic investigations, surveys and expert technical advice to assist in the resolution of problems.

We can mobilise to get on site quickly and efficiently from our offices in the UK and Asia. We regularly attend all types of incidents worldwide:

  • Collisions and groundings.
  • Flooding and sinking.
  • Hull and machinery problems.
  • Ship residual strength and damage stability.
  • Cargo liquefaction.
  • Cargo damage and loss.
  • Vessel and cargo fires.
  • Personal injuries and fatalities.
  • Unsafe ports and berths.
  • Pollution.
  • Bunker quality disuptes.