Fuel and Liquid Cargo

The necessity for further investigation is increasing with the rise of fuels being problematic, despite having met all specifications. We can detect and identify unknown compounds to assist in the exploration of causal damage mechanisms, and we can go as far as damage prevention.

Our high-end analytical equipment includes GCMS, ICP-OES, FTIR, XRF and SEM-EDX.


Our capabilities go further than fuel analysis to include environmental, forensic and cargo analysis. The combination of our specialist equipment and extensive experience allows us the scope and flexibility to tailor analysis to your specific needs, carrying out research and development projects as well as impartial, third-party testing.

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

We have extensive experience in the analysis of crude oil and petroleum products. We are also involved in a range of other types of fuel and scientific investigations.

Bunker Fuel Oil Quality Disputes

Our services include the investigation of ship-board engine operating difficulties and fuel handling issues. We can provide a multidisciplinary team including technicians, expert fuel chemists, marine engineers and metallurgists.

Analysis of Fuel Samples

We can design the relevant testing regime to trace the nature, extent and cause of contamination and to ensure the continued provenance of the samples and results throughout.

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