Paint and Coatings

Paint flake samples can be measured and examined using advanced digital microscopy. This includes documenting the profile of the top and bottom surfaces of the sample to identify contamination, inclusions and the presence of rust and scale. Powerful information can be obtained from microscopic samples, such as the degree of surface preparation used during the initial application of the paint.

Cross-section of the flakes examined show the number of coats, colour and individual coating thicknesses. Voids, vacuoles and penetration of rust staining, if present, can also be seen.


We can respond to any investigative, analytical and troubleshooting enquiries providing independent, accurate advice on:

  • Root cause analysis of coating failures on yachts and ships. Specific areas include underwater hull, chemical tanks, cargo holds, ballast tanks and grey water tanks
  • Vessel inspections and surveys
  • Maintenance and repair coating recommendation
  • Technology advice
  • Coating selection and specification
  • Cleaning technologies i.e., hull cleaning
  • Regulatory advice e.g., BPR
  • Expert witness testimony at arbitrations

Further investigatory analysis of coating samples, including paint flake and blister fluid composition, can be carried out in house utilising our SEM, FTIR and GCMS equipment.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory enables us to independently inspect, test and analyse your paint and coating samples, whether in The Lab or on your site, in a quick and efficient way saving you valuable resource on costly and time-consuming methods where plating or panels need to be removed before inspection can take place.

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