Arron Jackaman

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Arron Jackaman
Arron Jackaman

Director of NDT

MBInstNDT, Level III UT, ToFD, P-AUT, ECTA, MT,PT, (BS EN ISO 1792 Cert)

work Bidston

work +44 151 236 0083
cell +44 7771 665 734

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Career Summary

Curriculum Vitae

Arron Jackaman is an ISO 9712/17024 Level 3 Non-Destructive Engineer who has worked in the Heavy Industry Sector for 18 years, specialising in marine, offshore and land-based heavy plant installations and asset integrity management. He has been with Brookes Bell since 2016. 


Arron is PCN certified by the British Institute of Mechanical Engineers in the advanced NDT methods of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Time of Flight Diffraction and Eddy Current Testing of Castings, forgings, welded and tubular products. 

He has extensive experience in both Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Test Methods including conventional pulse echo Ultrasonics, Condition Monitoring, Eddy Current Array, Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection, Alternating Current Field Measurement, Infrared Thermography, Time of Flight Determination of 3D elastic materials and 3D metrology grade laser mapping techniques. 

Arron has spent many years offering expert advice and technical support, both on and offshore for outage campaigns and shutdowns across South East Asia, Europe, Western Africa the Middle East and South America.   

He is highly experienced with various specialist NDT systems, including the Eddyfi Ectane 2, GE Topaz, Olympus Omniscan MX1 and MX2, Silverwings Scorpion and RMS Automated Corrosion Monitoring System. 

Arron possesses an in-depth knowledge of surface and sub-surface inspection and analysis methods used in implementing non-destructive inspection of welds, castings, forgings and pressurised plant, pipelines and vessels.  He is fluent in all areas of offshore safety procedures and holds current BOSIET, EBS and MIST certification. 

Professional Qualifications 

  • PCN Level III General 
  • PCN Level III Ultrasonic Testing – Welds, Castings, Forgings 
  • PCN Phased Array Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection (PAUT) Level II 
  • PCN Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) Level 
  • II PCN Eddy Current Tube Inspection (Eddy Current Array/ECA) 
  • PCN Ultrasonics Level II (3.1, 3.2 Plate/Pipe Welds) 
  • PCN Magnetic Particle Inspection Level II - Welds, Castings, Forgings 
  • Rapid Motion Scanning Corrosion Mapping 
  • (RMS) Flange Face Phased Array Weld Inspection 
  • CCNSG (SCATS) Health and Safety 
  • Offshore Survival BOSIET, FOET and MIST 
  • EBS Breathing Apparatus Training 
  • Contractors Safety Passport 
  • Confined Spaces Certificate 

Academic Qualifications 

  • FdSc Non-destructive Engineering 
  • Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment 
  • 2330 Certificate in Electro Technical Engineering 
  • BS 7671 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations (Industrial Plant) 
  • 2391 Certificate in Electrical Engineering Testing & Inspection 

Professional Membership 

  • Member of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing 

NDT Surveying and Consultancy Experience 

  • NDT projects performing advanced methods; Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Phased Array (PAUT), Eddy Current Array (ECA) and conventional methods UT, MT, PT, ECT to carry out Inspection of Welds, Castings and Forgings on numerous hull, machinery and plant construction projects, including failure investigations.  Notable projects include: 
  • Chemical product tanker inspection of 316SS holds to evaluate and resolve grain structure damage and corrosion on a microscopic level. 
  • Failure investigation into the cracking due to cyclic fatigue of 590 locations in the transverse web frame of 250,000 DWT VLOC. 
  • Quality review and repair monitoring of plate material with inherent cracks propagating throughout 90,000 DWT Bulk Carrier (new build project). 
  • NDT inspection of aluminium keel with lead ballasting on 80m superyacht. 
  • Full quality review and forensic investigation into fatigue cracking of welds in 91m superyacht bulwark shell plating and stiffeners. 
  • Eddy current testing and material evaluation of tubular products inside heat exchangers and HVAC chillers in multiple locations including FPSO systems in Nigeria and offshore HVDC converter platforms on German windfarms. 
  • Full audit, site examination and assessment of welding procedures, non-destructive testing plan, technical procedures for the building of two container ships at the Hanjin Shipyard in the Philippines. 
  • Providing specialist inspection services for Axess Norway, Apave International, Lloyd's Register, Perenco and Teekay Petrojal in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Irish Sea, Gulf of Guinea and South Atlantic Ocean sectors. 
  • Carrying out Phased Array and TOFD UT specialist inspections of welded metallic structures. 
  • TOFD critical root erosion/corrosion surveys of flow lines and well bay lines on offshore North Sea EnQuest assets. 
  • PAUT critical corrosion analysis and continued monitoring of 1800 welds, including FFS calculation referrals on gas trains and associated flow lines and compressors on the Piranema Spirit asset, offshore Brazil, on behalf of BP Petrobras and Teekay Petrojal. 
  • Phased Array weld inspection, pre and post heat treatment inspection and analysis, MUT weld inspection and MPI of structural braces as part of internal and external structural analysis on full refurbishment of semi-submersible Byford Dolphin Drilling platform at Harland & Wolff Shipyard, Belfast. 
  • Hydroform Phased Array corrosion mapping (CM) and manual ultrasonic inspection of vessels and crude oil pipelines for EnQuest including Northern Producer asset. 
  • Hydroform Phased Array CM and ultrasonic inspection of pressure vessels on the ENI operated Douglas platform in the Liverpool Bay area. 
  • TOFD Critical root erosion and Phased Array corrosion monitoring and analysis of Flow Lines on the BP Magnus Platform over a prolonged period based in the North Sea. 
  • Inspection engineer with the Specialist Inspection Services Department, carrying out MPI, UT, Time of Flight Diffraction and Phased Array surveys and running projects offshore and overseas, including being stationed on the following assets: 
  • BP in Baku, Azerbaijan, Sangachal Terminal and a number of offshore BP platforms in the Caspian Sea, UT and PAUT weld inspection on pipelines, RMS corrosion mapping on vessels and pipes, analysing data, failure analysis reporting. 
  • BP Hannibal Gas Plant, Tunisia, Sahara performing Flange faced PAUT, Nozzle & Node inspections, conventional UT and ET weld inspections. 
  • TATA Steel, Port Talbot, performing conventional non-destructive testing and on-site periodic maintenance inspections UT/MPI/PT on vessels including circumferential and girth butt-welds. 
  • Offshore on several Humberside and North Sea assets carrying out a range of inspections methods involving critical sizing assessment and asset integrity issues. 
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