Main and Auxiliary Engine Damage

Main and auxiliary engine casualties are expensive categories of damage. In fact, according to one source, it’s estimated that as many as 28% of all machinery claims are related to main engine damage, with average claims costing close to $650,000.

With the financial stakes being so high, if you experience main and/or auxiliary engine damage, you’ll want to get answers as soon as possible - particularly if you’re going to be pursuing legal action.

That’s where Brookes Bell can help; our main and auxiliary engine damage investigations can get to the bottom of exactly what went wrong. 

Types of incidents investigated include:

  • Crankcase explosions
  • Scavenge fires
  • Crankshaft failures
  • Bearing failures
  • Piston failures
  • Liner failures
  • Turbocharger failures
  • Fuel-related failures

For all of your main and auxiliary engine damage investigation requirements, turn to Brookes Bell

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