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Salvage and Wreck - Casualty Investigations

There has been a trend in recent years for salvage and wreck removal operations to significantly increase in cost.

Whilst this is largely down to the increasing demands of national authorities, it can also be attributed to the complexities of scale and the need to mobilise specialised heavy units such as floating sheerlegs and cranes, pullbarges, a huge array of specialist equipment, as well as multiple expert teams of various disciplines.

As vessels have become supersized, wreck and removal operations have become supersized too.

However, salvage and wreck removal - even at the largest of scales - can be made more cost effective and easier by working with a single provider who offers expert advice on the project, assist with contractor selection or manage the entire administration of the contract on your behalf.

That provider is Brookes Bell.

Our in-house team of special casualty representative (SCR) Master Mariners, naval architects, marine, civil and mechanical engineers provide you with a one-stop-shop for specialist advice, consultation and project management in relation to salvage and wreck removal.

It is this approach that makes Brookes Bell the first and last name in maritime casualty management and investigations.

Brookes Bell’s salvage and wreck removal services

Casualty investigations and salvage/wreck removal operations require a multidisciplinary approach, with the ability to delve deeper into niche areas where necessary.

Recognising this, Brookes Bell provides a wide range of vertically-integrated services that draw upon the varied expertise within our business:

  • On-site survey and damage assessment
  • In-house GHS (specialist software for the assessment of all types of ships and floating structures) and structural modelling
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment
  • Special casualty representatives (SCR) for Lloyd’s Open Form (LOF)/Special Compensation P&I (Protection and Indemnity) Club Clause (SCOPIC) contracts
  • Cargo science
  • Pollution control and damage assessment
  • Preparation of invitation to tender (ITT) documentation and tender evaluation
  • On-site monitoring of salvage and wreck removal with comprehensive reporting

Brookes Bell’s salvage and wreck removal experts

It is our team that really makes Brookes Bell stand out from other salvage and wreck removal experts; that and our culture of innovation, our global footprint and our commitment to competitive pricing.

Choose Brookes Bell for your casualty investigation or salvage/wreck removal operations and you’ll benefit from decades of experience of:

  • Master Mariners and marine engineers
  • Naval architects
  • Scientists - including metallurgists, cargo, fuel and chemical experts
  • Mechanical and offshore engineers
  • Fire experts - for firefighting and investigation

Many of our experts have years of experience at sea; including managing exceptionally challenging, yet commercially focused situations.

As an Associate Member of the International Salvage Union, Brookes Bell has fulfilled the membership criteria of consistently providing successful salvage operations, pollution prevention and wreck removal services.

Key contact

Nick Haslam

Nick Haslam

Principal Master Mariner


work +44 20 7403 3838
David Ireland

David Ireland

Principal Master Mariner

San Francisco

Adrian Scales

Adrian Scales

Director of Europe, Master Mariner


work +44 151 236 0083
Ivan Todorov

Ivan Todorov

Senior Master Mariner


work +44 151 236 0083

Additional salvage and wreck removal services

Thanks to our integrated, multidisciplinary approach, Brookes Bell is able to offer more niche, specialist services in addition to our core salvage and wreck removal services. 

Like many of our services, our niche, specialist wreck and removal services are available in isolation, or as part of a broader package of services.

Our additional salvage and wreck removal services are:

Brookes Bell: the wreck and salvage experts of choice

With the maritime industry seeing an increase in very high-cost, large claims, it pays to use a single, global provider for your salvage and wreck removal requirements.

Here at Brookes Bell, we employ seasoned experts across a wide range of disciplines, which means we can handle even the most complex of wreck and salvage operations alone.

As your single-source solution, Brookes Bell will save you time, money and stress and reach a satisfactory resolution in a way that a multi-provider solution could not.

Chat to Brookes Bell about your wreck and salvage requirements today.

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