Marine Engineer Attendance at an affected Vessel

Should the worst happen and you find that your vessel has incurred machine failure or damage as a result of poor quality fuel, Brookes Bell can help.

Our experienced marine engineers are available to travel to any location across the globe and provide advice and recommendations on remedial actions.

The types of machinery failures that our engineers can attend to and investigate, include:

  • Propulsion engines (main and auxiliary)
  • Slow, medium and high-speed diesel engines
  • Steam turbines and boilers
  • Diesel auxiliary machinery, including generators

As main and auxiliary engine damage tends to be one of the most expensive categories of damage, our marine engineers are adept at combining their experience with the latest forensic analysis techniques to get to the bottom of what went wrong.

They have experience investigating many different types of main and auxiliary engine damage, such as: 

  • Crankcase explosions
  • Scavenge fires
  • Crankshaft failures
  • Bearing failures
  • Piston failures
  • Liner failures
  • Turbocharger failures
  • Fuel-related failures

Metallurgical laboratory facilities

Whilst our marine engineers are able to attend affected vessels on site, they can also call upon the help of Brookes Bell’s metallurgical laboratory facilities.

These facilities can be used for a range of support services from storing samples to advanced digital microscopy and more.

To find out more about Brookes Bell’s marine engineer on-site support services, contact us today.

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