Crane Incident Investigations

Crane accidents at ports and on vessels and offshore structures are a potential cause of serious personal injury, downtime and subsequent legal action.

Should you find your organisation involved in a crane accident, then Brookes Bell can help you.

Over recent years we have expanded our forensic investigation capabilities - and it’s due to this expansion that Brookes Bell has been involved in numerous cases where our advice has been tested to the highest level, covering matters such as crane design, crane operation and crane failure.

But, is it really necessary to seek expert advice in the event of a crane failure? 

Yes. Whilst many crane disputes initially appear to be relatively minor, it is common for associated costs to rapidly escalate. Seeking accurate, impartial, expert advice at the initial stages of a crane accident can save you incurring significant costs as the matter progresses.

Plus, thanks to Brookes Bell’s multidisciplinary approach to investigations, we are able to provide comprehensive investigations that offer significant value for money and return on your investment.

Global crane accident investigation services

No matter where a crane failure takes place, Brookes Bell is there for you.

With experienced marine engineers based in the UK, Europe, the Far East and the Americas, Brookes Bell is able to mobilise and attend crane accidents at short notice all over the world.

Our crane investigation experience includes:

  • Crane structural failures
  • Slewing bearing failures
  • Winch failures
  • Wire failures

A single solution to crane failure incidents

Crane incidents come in all shapes and sizes; Brookes Bell is able to investigate all of them.

From incidents involving shipboard cranes to shore-side port gantry and offshore cranes and lifting appliances, Brookes Bell can apply its forensic investigation services to help you achieve the outcome you want.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, culture of innovation and depth of expertise, we can support you from the very beginning to the very end of a crane incident investigation. Our complementary skill sets include engineering, metallurgy and high-end computational analyses.  

Are you dealing with a crane failure incident? Then speak to the experts now.

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