Speed and Consumption Disputes

There are two main groups of factors that affect a vessel’s performance: external factors such as weather and currents and vessel factors such as the state of loading, the condition of the hull surface and propeller and the efficiency of the engine. These in turn affect the ship’s speed and the fuel consumption which can impact the underlying profitability of a voyage or crossing.

So, it’s understandable that speed and consumption disputes can be fiercely contested - there can be a lot at stake.

If you find yourself involved in a speed and consumption dispute, then you’ll want the very best experts on your side - Brookes Bell.

Brookes Bell’s speed and consumption investigation process

For every speed and consumption performance investigation, our team of experts conducts a root and branch analysis, forensically examining the evidence to assess which factor, in relation to the governing charterparty, is most significant.

Using various documents, including the deck and engine logbooks, voyage abstracts, charterparty and contemporaneous messages, they assess the vessel’s performance by reference to good weather parameters specified in the contractual agreement between the parties, to derive any resultant time lost/gained or fuel over/under consumed.

Brookes Bell’s speed and consumption investigation experience

We have vast experience investigating speed and consumption performance disputes on behalf of owners, charterers, managers and ship builders alike.

The types of vessels we have investigated include:

  • General cargo ships
  • Container ships
  • Very large crude carriers (VLCCs)
  • Tankers
  • Dry bulk carriers of all sizes

We are also frequently called upon to review routing company performance reports and provide technical opinion on the background information and methodology employed to derive their results.

To bring a speed or consumption dispute to a quick resolution, speak to the team at Brookes Bell now.

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