Liquid Petroleum and Natural Gases Consultancy

The nature and characteristics of liquid petroleum and natural gases means that disputes involving these cargoes can quickly become complex and difficult to resolve.

At Brookes Bell, our team has decades of experience dealing with, and advising on, liquefied gas disputes.

Should you find yourself involved in a dispute, then draw upon our expert knowledge, which covers issues and challenges such as:

  • Methanol contamination of propane and butane
  • Water contamination of propylene
  • Butadiene contamination of propylene and ethylene
  • Copper corrosion contamination of propane
  • Dimer contamination in butadiene
  • Inhibitor contamination in butadiene
  • LPG specification disputes
  • LPG cargo tank change-over disputes
  • Ammonia, propylene or mercaptan contamination of LPG
  • Excess water in LPG and resultant damage to cargo handling equipment
  • LPG bill of lading and outturn disputes
  • LNG and LPG charter party performance disputes
  • General advice on loading, carriage, discharge and cargo change-over procedures between all grades of LPG, LNG and chemical gases

Discover more about Brookes Bell’s liquid and petroleum gases consultancy today. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation conversation.

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