Finite Element Modelling

Never standing still when it comes to bringing the latest approaches and methodologies to market, Brookes Bell has eliminated the need for expensive and time-consuming modelling with our finite element modelling (FEM) capabilities.

Our finite element modelling capabilities include the ability to analyse major structural failures such as collapse from buckling, as well as large-scale deformation from grounding or collision – and importantly to do this quickly and efficiently.

In salvage cases, time is always against you and time is money. So to have the best possible assessment to allow you to make informed decisions and to de-risk operations, Brookes bell has taken FEM to a new level. 

Our finite element modelling uses the ANSYS software suite with LS-DYNA for time-domain solutions of collisions, structural failure and hull girder collapse.

What are the benefits of finite element modelling?

It’s said that ‘knowledge is power’ and that’s certainly the case with finite element modelling. 

The benefits of finite element modelling include:

  • The ability to quickly and affordably model large-scale and/or complex events
  • Cost savings. With FEM you no longer need to pay for expensive physical modelling
  • Data. FEM provides you with huge amounts of data with which you can make informed decisions. Not only can FEM help you quickly resolve issues, but helps you to anticipate them too.

If you’re keen to find out more about finite element modelling and how it can help you, speak to the Brookes Bell team today.

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