Maritime Metallurgical Consultancy

The engineering challenges of modern society often call for materials that can perform in the harshest of environments, and this invariably means that materials must meet the necessary quality standards and stringent specifications.  There are many obstacles that manufacturers must overcome in order to meet those standards if materials and components are to survive in service as intended in the design.  When materials fail to meet those standards, or are incorrectly specified at the design stage, a failure can occur.  It is that understanding of the behaviour of metals and materials in their environment that enables metallurgists to explain why failures occur.

If you have an asset or component that has experienced a failure then Brookes Bell’s metallurgical consultancy services can help.

Thanks to their in-depth expertise and experience and our in-house, best-in-class technologies, our metallurgists can determine how a component or structure should react in a particular environment or when subjected to particular mechanical loads.

The result? Whether you’re at the beginning of a project, or investigating a case of corrosion or failure, we can provide you with the information and data you need to make business critical decisions wisely.

How Brookes Bell’s metallurgy consultancy services can help you

Brookes Bell has a wide range of experience applying our metallurgical expertise in different cases, including:

  • Providing consultancy on materials selection and verification of raw material quality
  • Advice on newbuild construction, quality and fabrication disputes
  • Technical consultancy in relation to weld repair and inspection techniques
  • Both corrosion analysis and advice on corrosion prevention/protection
  • Cargo surveys and claims involving ferrous and non-ferrous cargoes, including rebar, steel coils, aluminium sheet/ingots and various finished metal products, as well as galvanised steel
  • Damage to vessels following carriage of aggressive cargoes
  • Assessments of the quality of raw materials and finished products, as well as assessing the impact of using contaminated/defective products in proven production processes
  • Behaviour of materials in aggressive environments, including the effect of high temperature on steel structures
  • Mechanical failure of metallic components
  • Investigation of failure of crane wire ropes

If you require maritime metallurgy consultancy services for your business, speak to Brookes Bell today.

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