Liquid Cargo Quantity and Quality Disputes

Have you found yourself in the midst of a dispute over the quantity and/or quality of a liquid cargo? 

Such disputes can have high stakes.

From significant financial exposure, through to litigation and subsequent reputational damage, liquid cargo disputes can have a detrimental impact upon your business. 

To protect yourself in the event of such disputes arising, it’s vital that you have someone at hand that can provide the very best advice, expertise and support - Brookes Bell.

Our team of liquid cargo experts have over 30 years’ experience dealing with all types of liquid cargo disputes.

Keep reading to find out how our team can help you. 

Investigation of liquid cargo losses/shortages

Brookes Bell can deal with all aspects of liquid cargo losses or shortages. Whether they occur on board vessels, in oil terminals, during loading, carriage or discharge, our team of liquid cargo experts can help you determine exactly what happened - and who is to blame.

Our team has experience investigating liquid cargo losses and shortages in the following scenarios:

  • Mismeasurement of cargo and water in shore tanks, before/after loading
  • Mismeasurement of on-board quality (OBQ) residues in cargo tanks, prior to loading
  • Mismeasurement of cargo and water in cargo tanks, after loading
  • Apparent in-transit losses of cargo, caused by previously unmeasured water settlement and/or evaporation of lighter fractions of cargo whilst on the loaded voyage
  • Inadvertent leakage of cargo, whether on board, ashore, or both
  • Shoreline fullness mismeasurement at the start of discharge
  • Mismeasurement of cargo and water in shore tanks, following the completion of discharge
  • Mismeasurement of cargo remaining on board (ROB) residues in cargo tanks, before/after discharge
  • Paper losses caused by differing measurement and calculation procedures

Investigations of types of liquid cargo contamination

Our liquid cargo team is highly experienced at investigating different types of liquid cargo contamination. 

As such, Brookes Bell is able to investigate all types of liquid cargo contamination, including:

  • Liquid contamination caused by the ingress of other liquid cargo, cargo valve mal-operation, or issues with steel bulkhead integrity
  • Vapour contamination of volatile cargoes via onboard vapour lines
  • Loss of integrity of inert gas blanket and/or quality of the latter
  • Contamination by past cargo residues caused by either poor cargo tank preparation and/or poor cargo tank coating condition
  • Water contamination by fresh and/or sea water
  • Inherent vice of the cargo
  • Contamination and/or loss of quality caused by poor heating control either during the loaded passage or during discharge
  • Specification and test method anomalies

Speak to Brookes Bell today and protect yourself in the event of any liquid cargo disputes.

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