MARPOL Annex 1 Consultancy Services

Crude oil isn’t a single, homogeneous material. In fact, crude oil varies depending on its well and country of origin.

Whether you’re going to be transporting light, sweet crude or heavy, sour crude (or any grade of crude oil in between), it’s important that you factor in the characteristics of each type of crude oil when transporting it.

Failure to do so can lead to disputes, litigation and financial exposure.

What’s more, as the transport of crude oil is covered by MARPOL Annex 1 - the set of regulations introduced by the International Maritime Organisation to prevent pollution by oil - you also need to ensure that you’re transporting your crude oil and petroleum products in a compliant way.

Brookes Bell can provide you with the expert advice and guidance that’ll help you properly transport MARPOL Annex 1 substances safely, compliantly and commercially.

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