Technical Management

Is your vessel running as well as it could be? 

If you’ve not asked - and answered - that question, then you could be missing out on higher profitability, as well as opening yourself up to labour disputes, legal, compliance and other proceedings.

Brookes Bell is able to solve these challenges and more thanks to our forensic insight into the technical management of vessels. 

Our technical management service helps both managers and owners to consider the adequacy and improvement of their practices. 

We are also able to assist in the selection and assessment of ship managers as well as acting as technical consultants in contract negotiations.

Brookes Bell’s technical management services include the provision of tailored audits to assess manager performance, ensuring peace of mind and assurance that your vessel is being managed to the highest possible standards and in line with best practice principles and processes.

Solving technical management disputes

Aside from advising on technical management best practice and procedures, Brookes Bell is also able to act on your behalf in complex disputes between technical managers and owners.

Our forensic investigation expertise has been tested at the highest levels including providing expert witness evidence in court and arbitration proceedings.

Brookes Bell’s technical management expertise in action

Brookes Bell’s technical management expertise is borne out by real-world experience and achievements.

For example, at a contractual stage Brookes Bell provided technical input to modifications to the BIMCO Shipman contract, after identifying the key technical needs of the parties concerned. 

BIMCO Shipman established many of the fundamental principles of ship management, with the contract being used as a ‘one stop shop’ in respect of most ship management services, including technical and crew management. 

It has become a cornerstone of ship management best practice, in part thanks to the input from Brookes Bell. 

So, if you’re in need of technical management assistance, let Brookes Bell help. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements. 

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