Forensic Engineering for Machinery Surveys

Main propulsion and power generation systems. Auxiliary machinery and cranes (on ships, offshore and shore side). Refrigeration plant. HVAC systems (boilers, scrubbers and exhaust gas treatment). These are just a few of the types of machinery that can fail and result in negative consequences for you and your business.

They’re also exactly the type of machinery failures that Brookes Bell’s marine engineers are highly experienced in investigating.

Our machine failure investigations are performed at a forensic level and use the wide range of disciplines and skill sets we have at hand here at Brookes Bell, such as metallurgy and tribology.

Whether you need to investigate wear processes, fatigue, overload or corrosion issues, Brookes Bell has the expertise that’ll get you the answers you need at a cost that represents true value for money.

Our marine engineers are also able to assist with the investigation of electrical power failures at a forensic level, reconstructing scenarios and analysing alarm records.

Metallurgical laboratory facilities

Thanks to The Lab at Brookes Bell, we are also able to store, following formal custody transfer procedures, large samples such as sections of propulsion shafting, crankshafts/bearings, crane wires etc.

These samples can then be made available for further examination and testing jointly with other experts.

The Lab can also provide additional services to support the machinery failure investigations such as the investigation of materials, in-situ inspections and analysis, advanced digital microscopy services and more. 

Should you find yourself with a machinery failure incident on your hands, Brookes Bell can help you discover the how, why, what and when. Speak to us today to find out more.

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