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The world depends on the maritime industry. With over 90% of global trade being conducted across the world’s oceans, shipping and its associated infrastructure, industries and people is a crucial part of day-to-day life; even if the average person in the street doesn’t realise it.

With so much resting on the maritime industry, things can get complicated. And, when things get complicated you need a partner which has the unrivalled skills, experience and ability to work across interrelated disciplines as a single entity.

That partner is Brookes Bell.

Brookes Bell combines an unrivalled depth-of-expertise, a multidisciplinary team of industry-leading experts, a truly global footprint, and a keen eye for competitive project costings, to offer an unmatched range of marine services.

If you operate in the maritime or energy industries and require technical or scientific consultancy; make Brookes Bell your first port of call.

Brookes Bell’s marine services

With all of these skills and expertise at our disposal, we are able to offer a wealth of marine services. 

These marine services include:

More information on each of our marine service areas is available by clicking the links above.

Supporting the maritime and energy industries since 1903

For over a hundred years, Brookes Bell has been working with P&I clubs, shipowners, charterers, underwriters, cargo owners, lawyers, salvors, shipyards, hull and machinery insurers and government departments to solve their maritime challenges.

The Brookes Bell difference

So, why do so many of the leading names in the maritime and energy industries choose to work with Brookes Bell? 

It’s because we’re genuinely different from the other consultancies you’ll encounter. Here’s why…

Global presence in maritime hubs

Brookes Bell maintains a presence in all of the world’s most important maritime and energy hubs.

With operations in Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Norway, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, New York and South Africa, we offer what our rivals cannot - global power combined with local intelligence.

If you require assistance anywhere in the world, you can be assured that a Brookes Bell expert is close at hand.

And, our global footprint is expanding all the time. Where the maritime industry goes, Brookes Bell goes.

Unrivalled maritime expertise

At Brookes Bell, our team of Master Mariners, claims adjusters, coatings consultants, fire investigators, fuel chemists, marine engineers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists, naval architects, NDT experts, scientists and tribologists, possess a huge amount of real-world expertise across a range of interrelated disciplines.

These disciplines include Master Mariners services, engineering (marine, civil and mechanical), salvage and wreck removal, naval architecture, cargo science, fire investigation, paint and coatings, fuel and liquid cargo analysis, superyacht services, metallurgy and non-destructive testing.

Thanks to our team and their experience, Brookes Bell is able to investigate, troubleshoot and advise on a broad range of maritime and energy-related matters such as:

  • Casualty investigation
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Cargo and fuel advice and investigation
  • Litigation support
  • Design support
  • Superyacht services
  • And more…

Think of Brookes Bell as being the world’s biggest repository of maritime knowledge, expertise and advice available. And, it’s all at your disposal.

A culture of innovation

The challenges that are facing the maritime and energy industries are always evolving - so too are Brookes Bell’s services.

That’s because we foster a culture of innovation throughout our business.

We invest in both our people and our technology, ensuring they are at the forefront of leading trends and developments in both the maritime and energy industries.

From The Lab, and industry-leading laboratory and technology services facility, through to our cutting-edge services such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Marine Accident Data Analysis Suite (MADAS and more - we always strive to be the first consultancy to bring an innovation to market, to ensure we can tackle the problems you encounter with state-of-the-art techniques, giving you the best service and results possible.

A single-source, value-focused solution for your challenges and claims

We know how complex the modern maritime and energy industries can be. Incidents, disputes, litigation, design processes and more can all involve multiple parties and require a variety of different services to reach a successful conclusion.

When you’re up against time and budget pressures, Brookes Bell’s vertically integrated solutions will save you time and money.

No matter what your requirement, no matter where that requirement may be located, Brookes Bell can help.

Complex claims, simple solutions

As the maritime industry scales up, with New Panamax and Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCVs) becoming a common sight on the world’s oceans, incidents and claims are becoming ever larger too.

It’s a trend which is seeing fewer attritional claims, and less frequent, large, complex claims instead.

As a result of this, insurers, owners, charterers and others require marine consultancy partners that can deal with ever larger and more complex claims.

Brookes Bell can do just that thanks to our multidisciplinary experts, culture of innovation and global footprint.

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