Container Ship Casualty Management

According to the World Shipping Council around 1,300 containers are lost at sea every year.

Whilst this may not seem like a huge number given the volume of global shipping trade, every container loss has an impact on owners, charterers, insurers and environmental groups and NGOs.

So, whilst it may not be possible to stop all container casualties, when they do occur, it’s vital that you fully investigate them.

That’s where Brookes Bell can help you.

Our team of experienced Master Mariners, marine engineers, cargo scientists, fire investigators and naval architects work as a single team at the early stages of an incident to gather all relevant information and provide advice on hazardous cargoes, recommended ports of refuge and subsequent container monitoring during off-loading.

Thanks to this consolidated, united approach, Brookes Bell is able to streamline the casualty management operation in order to make reporting and data assessment more cost effective for you.

Brookes Bell’s container casualty management experience

Our combined, multidisciplinary approach to container casualty management is valued by owners, charterers, insurers, managers and legal teams alike.

That’s why our team has been appointed to support major container ship casualties in recent years, including MSC Napoli, MSC Flaminia and MOL Comfort.

Speak to the experts on container ship casualty management. Speak to Brookes Bell today.

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