Wreck and Salvage Stability Assessment Capability

Brookes Bell has access to NAPA software at primary capability level; a robust and flexible naval architecture package which is used by only a few consultancies (due to the very high licensing costs).

Our team of naval architects is able to use NAPA software at the site of casualties to assist in stability assessments.

We are also fully licensed to use GHS software which allows for the rapid evaluation of damaged conditions for all ship types. We are able to share models generated by our GHS software with third parties, enhancing and streamlining salvage operations.

What are the benefits of GHS?

GHS brings many benefits to the assessment of wreck and salvage projects, most notably speed - with our team able to use the software to quickly and accurately process multiple scenarios and test remedial actions. 

When you’re dealing with a wreck or salvage situation, every second counts. GHS buys you precious time.

GHS is also highly flexible and can be used for rapid evaluations of different scenarios including: 

  • Quick model generation
  • Damage simulation
  • Partial flooding
  • Ground reaction calculation
  • Stability and stress when grounded or damaged
  • Downflooding and spilling
  • Sealed and vented tank issues

To find out more about Brookes Bell’s wreck and salvage stability assessment capabilities, speak to us today.

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