Antifouling and Biofouling Consultancy Services

If you’re experiencing the failure of an antifouling coating, or an accumulation of biofouling on the hulls of your vessels, then Brookes Bell’s scientific and cargo experts can help. 

We have an international network of coating scientists and marine biology consultants who can help you address your antifouling failures and biofouling failures rapidly. 

Antifouling coating failure and preventative measure services

Brookes Bell’s international coating scientist network is available 24/7 to respond to any investigative, analytical and troubleshooting services and can provide advice on the following: 

  • Underwater hull coating failure
  • Vessel inspections and surveys
  • Maintenance and repair coating recommendations
  • Antifouling coating selection and specification
  • Antifouling hull cleaning technology
  • Antifouling regulatory affairs e.g. Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and REACH 
  • Transfer of invasive aquatic species
  • Forensic investigations and analysis through The Lab at Brookes Bell
  • Expert witness testimony at arbitrations

Biofouling assessment services

Brookes Bell’s marine biology consultants are perfectly placed to advise and provide expert witness services on biofouling. 

We offer a multidisciplinary approach incorporating the expertise of our in-house coatings experts, master mariners and marine engineers to address all aspects of biofouling. 

Our biofouling assessment services are detailed below. 

Review of historical information provided after an incident, to determine:

  • Biofouling origins
  • Paint condition
  • Effects of previous hull cleanings

Swift, practical advice for current biofouling issues including guidance on:

  • Sampling methods for biofouling and paint
  • Collecting photographic/video evidence of biofouling and/or paint damage
  • Current and emerging hull fouling regulations
  • Environmental regulations and technology for preventing the transfer of invasive species

Expert attendance at in-water and drydocking surveys:

  • Collection of biofouling and paint samples
  • Supervision of cleaning operations to ensure minimal paint damage
  • Paint inspection reports detailing hull paint condition and performance

Expert witness testimony at arbitration for charterparty disputes.

Biofouling sample assessment:

  • Fouling origins using collected or couriered biofouling samples
  • Paint failure using in-house analytical techniques

Biofouling workshops and training to support clients’ understanding.

To find out more about Brookes Bell’s anti and biofouling services, contact us now.

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