Forensic Analysis at The Lab at Brookes Bell

When you need to understand the behaviour of metals or determine how a component or structure should react in any given environment or under certain mechanical loads, look no further than The Lab at Brookes Bell.  The scientists at The Lab, Brookes Bell’s independent laboratory and testing facility, have a wealth of experience and understanding within metallurgy and materials testing, ensuring that whatever your problem – whether it’s corrosion, component failure or quality control – they can quickly get to the root cause, saving you time and money. The Lab can help with:

  • Forensic engineering and metallurgical consultancy - investigation of engineering components and systems to determine mechanisms of failure. Advice on selection and suitability of materials  
  • Material identification - material analysis and identification using a range of analytical equipment, sample preparation and microscopy techniques  
  • On-site inspection and analysis - site inspection and analysis of material using a range of portable analysis techniques  
  • Laboratory inspection and testing - inspection and testing of metals using state-of-the-art inspection techniques including advanced digital microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

To get to the root cause of your materials investigation issues contact us today.

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