Remote Situation Analysis (RSA)

Have you found yourself involved in a liquid cargo dispute whilst your vessel and/or cargo is overseas? 

Then Brookes Bell’s remote situation analysis can help you. 

Using local P&I correspondents and inspection companies we are able to liaise directly with all personnel on the scene and provide advice on appropriate evidence gathering (inspection, document retrieval, sampling and analysis), to ensure that you gather all the evidence necessary to conduct a robust defence (if necessary).

We are also able to arrange for the transport of samples to our UK-based laboratory should this be deemed necessary.


Even at ‘arms length’, our team is able to provide a detailed, thorough report into the most likely causes of any loss or contamination. 

Our initial reports are produced entirely impartially, so that you have all of the facts - be they good or bad for your case. 

From there, we are then able to produce an expert report which is suitable for litigation purposes. 

Have you experienced a liquid cargo dispute in a remote location? Then speak to Brookes Bell about our remote situation analysis service now.

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