Exhaust Gas Scrubber Corrosion Inspections

Ever since the International Maritime Organisation’s implementation of a 0.5% global sulphur cap on fuel content (from 1st January 2020), exhaust gas scrubber systems have become increasingly prevalent on vessels.

Whilst these exhaust gas scrubber systems help to ‘scrub’ harmful sulphur oxides from exhaust gases - thus enabling vessels to consume cheaper, high-sulphur fuel oils (HSFOs), whilst remaining compliant with the new emissions cap, Brookes Bell has seen a rise in incidents of corrosion on these scrubber systems.

Acidic corrosion is being identified in various parts of exhaust gas scrubber systems; most notably the section of discharge piping outboard of the scrubber overboard valve (also known as the ‘distance piece’).

In the worst-case scenario, the failure of this piping could lead to the surrounding compartment being compromised. 

If your vessels have been fitted with exhaust gas scrubbers and you want to avoid this scenario happening to you, speak to Brookes Bell today. 

Our team of corrosion inspection specialists is able to conduct a full inspection and investigation of exhaust gas scrubber systems, carrying out actions such as:

  • Thickness gauging of the distance piece to ascertain any diminution in the piping thickness as a result of corrosion
  • Making recommendations for replacement or renewal based on the inspection

Keep your exhaust gas scrubbers corrosion free by speaking to Brookes Bell today.

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