Fixed Object Damage

Are you an owner, charterer, manager or lawyer that needs assistance investigating an instance of dock damage? 

Then draw upon Brookes Bell’s wealth of expertise and experience.

Our team of experienced Master Mariners, civil engineers, marine engineers and naval architects work as a single team following an incident to gather all of the relevant information.

They then provide you with advice on the impact, repairs and causation. This process includes interviews with the master/crew and joint inspections with the port authorities.

Brookes Bell’s dock damage investigation experience

Brookes Bell has an extensive track record of providing expert advice and evidence with regards to multiple parts of dock facilities, such as:

  • Dock walls (concrete/steel/stone/brick etc)
  • Lock gates
  • Caissons
  • High-impact fenders
  • Dolphin-type berth arrangements

Our team also provides expert advice on the replacement of a variety of mobile and loose fender type installations.

Why choose Brookes Bell for your dock damage investigation?

Aside from our team’s wealth of experience and knowledge in the investigation of dock damage, Brookes Bell holds a portfolio of previous, historical damages (and their associated costs) in relation to a number of UK ports.

Thanks to this database, we are able to advise on whether or not there is pre-existing damage at those locations, in addition to being able to provide a realistic estimate regarding the cost of proposed repairs.

With this information, we are able to ensure your dock damage investigation is completed as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Need assistance with a dock damage investigation? Then contact Brookes Bell today.

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