Fertilisers, as raw materials or granulated for direct use in agriculture, are globally traded in a vast range of compositions, appearances and as both bulk (IMSBC code) and packaged (IMDG code) commodities. 

But, like many commodities or goods transported at sea, fertilisers can be subject to quality disputes and damage claims. In the worst instances, the total loss of ships and crew casualties can arise due to the violent decomposition of fertiliser cargoes. 

Because of this, it’s highly recommended that before you ship fertilisers you take advice from experienced professionals such as Brookes Bell’s cargo scientists. 

Our cargo scientists can help with: 

  • Recommendations for the safe carriage of fertilisers
  • Advice on the cause of damage, quantum and environmental impact
  • Sampling and assessment of cargo condition, e.g. degree of caking
  • Incident monitoring and preparing cargo sampling protocols
  • Guidance on suitable laboratory testing 
  • Loss mitigation, investigation markets and liaising with local parties
  • Evidence collection on site, litigation support and expert evidence in court or arbitration

To discover more about Brookes Bell’s fertiliser consultancy services, contact us today.

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