Liquid Cargoes

Liquid Cargoes - Issues with Chemicals, Gases, Oils and Fats (Quality and Loading)

The successful transportation of free-flowing liquid cargoes such as chemicals, gases, oils and fats pose shipping companies a number of challenges. 

In addition to the significant regulatory and compliance requirements associated with these types of cargoes, contamination and issues associated with quality and loading, can result in litigation, financial exposure and reputational damage. 

So it pays (literally) to seek the very best advice available when you’re going to be transporting liquid cargoes. 

Brookes Bell is the home of that expert liquid cargo advice.

Brookes Bell’s liquid cargo expertise

It’s easy for a consultancy to say that they offer the very best advice, but what does it look like in practice? 

At Brookes Bell, we can back up our words with evidence.

We employ a team of highly knowledgeable and dedicated liquid cargo experts, many of whom possess over 30 years’ practical experience in the field.

This experience was bolstered in 2019 when Brookes Bell acquired Associated Petroleum Consultants Ltd, a leading provider of liquid cargo consultancy and advice.

With this additional team on board, Brookes Bell now employs a wealth of liquid cargo experts such as:

  • Former deck officers of:
    • Tankers
    • Petrochemical carriers
    • LPG/LNG vessels
  • Laboratory chemists

Many liquid cargo disputes involve multidisciplinary considerations, so our team features the perfect mix of expertise, knowledge and experience to help you win a dispute.

Key contact

Brendan Cuffe

Brendan Cuffe

Chief Technical Officer, Marine Engineer


work +44 151 236 0083

Brookes Bell’s liquid cargo services

No matter what type of liquid cargo you’re going to be transporting, Brookes Bell will have a service that can help you. 

Our liquid cargo services include:

Save yourself time, money and potential litigation by using one of Brookes Bell’s liquid cargo services before you begin transporting your cargoes.

Brookes Bell: your single source for liquid cargo advice

The job of transporting liquid cargoes is not without its challenges. 

But we can help you preempt and solve these challenges; thanks to our multidisciplinary team of liquid cargo experts.

With a presence in every major global maritime hub, decades of combined liquid cargo expertise and a continued focus on ensuring value for money, Brookes Bell is perfectly positioned to solve your liquid cargo issues - no matter what, or where, they may be.

Speak to us today to find out how we can solve your individual liquid cargo challenges.

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