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Kai Aamlid
Kai Aamlid

Consultant Scientist

BSc, MSc, PhD

work Norway

work +44 20 7403 3838
cell +47 4698 7828

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Career Summary

Curriculum Vitae

Kai Aamlid is a Science graduate with a Master's degree and doctorate in Sugar Chemistry from London University and did post-doctoral biotechnological research at King's College.  He had an Overseas Research Student Award and a Fellowship in the European Science Exchange Programme under the auspices of the Royal Society.  He joined Jarrett Kirman & Willems in 1989 prior to the merger with Brookes Bell.


Since becoming a Marine Consultant, he has worked on a wide variety of vessel types, investigating an extensive range of bulk and packaged cargoes, including foodstuffs, coal, ore and minerals.  He has conducted major investigations into DRI and fishmeal fires and has extensive knowledge of timber products, being the owner of a major timber estate in Norway and a member of a Norwegian Forestry Association.  He has specialist expertise and experience in the carriage of commodities; grains, fishmeal, seed cake, sugar (refined and raw), fruit and other refrigerated goods, vegetable oils, fertilisers and chemicals.  He has advised on the safe carriage of many products; for example, providing advice to major shipping companies on the carriage of hazardous chemicals.  He has investigated transportation and inherent vice damages.  He has prepared technical reports and has given expert witness and factual testimony in litigation. 

Membership of Professional Bodies 

  • Norwegian Forestry Owners' Association. 

Academic Qualifications 

  • PhD in Chemistry, at King's College, University of London. 
  • MSc, at University of Oslo/The Norwegian College of Agriculture. 
  • BSc, at University of Oslo. 


  • Fellowship in European Science Exchange Programme awarded by the Norwegian Royal Society under the auspices of the Royal Society, UK. 
  • Overseas Research Student Award granted by the Committee of Vice-Principals and Chancellors of the Universities of the United Kingdom. 

Previous Employment History 

  • Academic and Forestry Employment. 
  • Post-Doctoral biotechnological research fellow at King's College, London.  This involved joint research between chemists, biochemists and biologists. 
  • Manager of a timber estate. 

Scientific Publications 

  • The results of the research for his MSc and PhD degrees were published in Carbohydrate Research. 
  • The results of his Post-Doctoral work were published in seven articles in chemical and biology scientific journals. 
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