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Patrick Barker
Patrick Barker

Consultant Master Mariner

work London

work +44 207 403 3838
cell +44 7989 386 801

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Career Summary

Curriculum Vitae

Patrick is a Marine Consultant and Surveyor. He is a Master Mariner with over 29 years of sea experience, including 5 years as Master, with sea-time on Chemical, LPG, ULCC, VLCC, OBO, Ore-Oil, and Product tankers.


Patrick specialises in the carriage and handling of Liquid Chemicals, LPG, CPP, Molasses and Vegetable Oil cargoes and was an accredited CDI Inspector for Chemical and Gas Tankers for 15 years and an accredited SIRE Inspector for Oil, Chemical and Gas Tankers for 6 years. Patrick is also an Accredited Maritime Auditor / Lead Auditor to the ISO 9000 series and ISM audits of other organisations.  

He has provided expert witness testimony, in a number of legal proceedings in the UK including cargo contamination, cargo equipment damage, cargo tank coatings and ISM Code failures.

Professional Qualifications

  • British (Foreign Going) Master Mariner’s Certificate of Competency (Class 1 Master Mariner), DCE for Oil, Chemicals and Liquefied Gas.

Professional Associations

  • Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute
  • Freeman of The Honourable Company of Master Mariners

Previous Employment History

  • Independent Consultant with Associated Petroleum Consultants Ltd since 2000.
  • Westfal-Larsen Management AS, employed as Master of Chemical/Product and Gas tankers in the range of 15,000 - 40,000 tonnes and, previously as Chief Officer on Chemical/Product and Gas tankers in the range of 5,000 - 40,000 tonnes.
  • Sea tankers Management Company Ltd, employed as Chief Officer on Chemical/Product tankers in the range of 17,000 - 40,000 tonnes.
  • World-Wide Shipping Agency Limited, employed as Chief Officer on ULCC/VLCC Crude Oil and Product Tankers up to 356,000 tonnes and Ore/Bulk/Oil Carriers. Previously employed as Second Officer serving on ULCC/VLCC Crude Oil and Product tankers up to 356,000 tonnes and on Ore/Bulk/Oil Carriers.
  • Alleghany Marine Services Inc, employed as Marine Surveyor on the US East Coast in the New York to Boston seaboard range handling chemicals and CPP.
  • Silver Marine Services Ltd, employed as Second Officer on Product and Crude Oil tankers.
  • Houlder Bros. Co. Ltd, from Deck Cadet to Third Officer on Chemical, LPG, OBO’s, Bulk and Refer ships in the range of 5,000 to 91,000 tonnes.

Surveying and Consultancy Experience

  • Over 100 CDI/SIRE Ship Inspections.
  • Pre-vetting inspections.
  • Performing onboard Internal Audits (ISM, ISO 9001,14001) and Navigational Audits.
  • Marine Expediting (i.e., representing the Charterer’s Assurance Interests onboard, during tank preparation, loading, discharging operations).
  • Tank Inspections for pre-loading fine chemicals, tank coating damage and stainless-steel damage.

Investigations into contamination, polymerisation, deterioration, oxidisation of products, including:

  • CPP, including gasolines, kerosene’s (Jet A1) and gas oils.
  • BTX, MIBK, Alcohols and Glycols.
  • Fine chemicals, including TDI, MDI, PAPI, HMD and Phenol.
  • Reactive and self-reactive chemicals, including Styrene, VAM, ACN and PO.
  • Caustics and acids.
  • Molasses and vegetable oils.

Publications and Training Courses

  • Author of Chemical and Product Information System (CAPIS).
  • Preparation of Chemical/Product tanker procedures for major tanker owner/operators.
  • Chemical Training Manual for Novoship (UK) Ltd and Crescent Marine Services Ltd.
  • Lecturer on Carriage and Handling of Hazardous Liquid Substances in Port for IMO at the International Maritime Academy in Trieste.
  • Involved in the development of safety and training programs for Westfal-Larsen AS in respect of OPA-90 requirements.
  • ISM/ISO certification activities for Westfal-Larsen AS.
  • Developed MCA approved Chemical Tanker training courses in 1998 and 2005 for onboard training of non-experienced officers required to serve on Chemical tankers.
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