Crude Oils

Our team has experience advising on the following crude oil-related issues and challenges:

  • All sizes of tankers, ore-bulk-oil (OBO) and OO carriers
  • Cargo loss on voyage from load to disport (ship and shore)
  • Load port losses (evaporative or otherwise)
  • In-transit losses (evaporative or otherwise)
  • Discharge port losses
  • Cargo conversion
  • Storage/refinery losses
  • Cargo quality disputes
  • Water contaminations
  • Remaining on board (ROB) disputes
  • Cargo quality and effectiveness of both discharge and crude oil washing operations
  • Wax precipitation
  • Wax contamination of naphthenic crudes
  • Cargo heating
  • Characterisation of crude oil remaining on board (ROB)
  • Issues with crude oil washing (COW) performance
  • Shore terminal surveys
  • Joint surveys
  • Demurrage disputes
  • Charterparty performance disputes
  • Expert attendance - arbitration/high court worldwide
  • Crude oil cargo operations
  • Unusual crude oils and associated problems
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