Brookes Bell – Safety at Sea Ltd

Brookes Bell – Safety at Sea Ltd

Vittorio Vagliani has acquired the Brookes Bell Software development business.  Vittorio has taken the existing software development team with him in the new company and will continue to support existing clients as a separate entity to Brookes Bell. 

The sale of the software business is a strategic move for both Brookes Bell and the software team allowing both companies to focus on development and growth in their respective business areas.

Vittorio has acquired the software business in the form of Safety at Sea Ltd which has a long history of offering software related products and services.  Safety at Sea Ltd was acquired by Brookes Bell in 2011 and provided both software and Naval Architecture services.  The Naval Architecture team, which has grown to offer a wide range of services will remain in Brookes Bell and will continue to support its existing clients in the exact same manner as it has always done.

Should you have any questions relating to the above please contact Anthony York, Chief Operating Officer, Brookes Bell.

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