Brookes Bell has become the ‘go to’ name for casualty investigation, forensic analysis, technical dispute resolution and expert witness work for more than a century. Our multidisciplinary technical and scientific consultancy services continue to serve the global maritime and energy sectors and support our way of life.

Brookes Bell’s office in Glasgow, Scotland, provides a multifaceted and top-down approach to a broad range of disciplines that are affecting the shipping industry. Once home to industry leading naval architects and architecture services, the Glasgow team has now expanded to include cargo scientists, fuel chemists, master mariners, marine engineers and more to support our clients needs in Scotland, the United Kingdom and overseas.

With Scotland aiming to generate 50% of its overall energy consumption from renewable sources by 2030 before completely decarbonising by 2050, Brookes Bell’s office in Glasgow is ideally positioned to help support the growing number of onshore and offshore renewables projects popping up across the country over the coming years.

Our team ensures that we have a local presence in local ports to support the burgeoning Scottish market more effectively than any other location in the UK. Our team of industry experts are also joining projects around the world, including Asia and the Americas, as we continue to provide quality scientific services no matter the geography.

Brookes Bell’s office in Glasgow ensures we are at the forefront of technological and scientific issues affecting the global shipping industry. Most importantly, by building a team with all of our disciplines in one place, we can continue to support Brookes Bell’s growing diversification efforts, support more industries and provide technical best practices where appropriate.

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