March update

March update

This month we’re looking at our marine accident investigation work and the navigational analysis that goes on to establish exactly what happened and why, when things go wrong.

Our strengths are our people - Master Mariners with wide ranging command experience and highly skilled specialists offering a multi-disciplinary approach - which combined with industry-leading technology means we can apply an unrivalled forensic approach to any navigational incident investigation.

The reputation of our experts is such that we often collaborate with industry partners to share information and develop guidance for the benefit of ship owners and operators. In this months’ newsletter we have some examples of that collaboration, with a number of our Scientists and Master Mariners working with P&I Clubs such as Gard, the UK P&I Club and the TT Club.

Last but not least, we meet one of our Master Mariners involved in navigational analysis – Dominic Bell - to find out more about his background and experience, and how that informs his marine investigations.

Wishing you a safe and healthy month,

Anthony York
Chief Operating Officer

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