Maritime and Energy Prowess in Full Force at CMA Shipping

Maritime and Energy Prowess in Full Force at CMA Shipping

There was no doubt that the main theme at CMA Shipping 2024 was decarbonisation.  "There is no time to waste towards 2030", heralded DNV Chief Executive Knut Orbeck Nilssen, as the packed agenda drew attention to ongoing decarbonisation action and solutions globally. 

Sustainability was one the leading topics at CMA Shipping 2024 in Stamford, Connecticut, one of the shipping industry’s leading conferences that brings together the maritime community, not just in Connecticut but from across the United States and from overseas, to exhibit advancing technologies and discuss the critical issues affecting the maritime sector today. 

This year’s packed agenda was extensive.  From panels on emerging and ongoing carbon regulations; methods to decarbonise shipping, such as green corridors and wind-propulsion technologies; and the importance of crew welfare, there was something for everyone in shipping to be a part of, bringing out shipping companies from all over the world, many of which Brookes Bell has built strong relationships with over the past number of years.

We have a number of clients that attend events like CMA Shipping and MLA events so even if we’re not directly exhibiting or speaking, it is important for Brookes Bell to be at these conferences to hear the latest thinking on topics and to support our clients both now and in the future,” said William Leschaeve, Senior Naval Architect at Brookes Bell, based in New York.

Of course, these events often give us a tremendous opportunity to network with other organisations in the maritime world, learning about the needs of other stakeholders and passing on the breadth and depth of knowledge held by Brookes Bell,” he added.

William was joined by Monir Uddin, Principal Marine Engineer, at CMA Shipping as part of Brookes Bell’s contingent.  With a wide variety of topics and several clients in attendance, William noted that Brookes Bell was able to be a part of a large number of discussions throughout the three-day event, highlighting the conversations around the OPA 90 legislation, which celebrates 35 years since its inception next year, as one of the more fruitful where Brookes Bell can offer the shipping community a great deal of guidance.

Brookes Bell has been involved in a number of OPA 90 cases over the years and they are incredibly complex incidents.  There are a number of layers involved with contracts with underwriters in the United States so that if an oil spill incident does occur it makes our role as consultants very challenging.  However, we ensure that we respond to these types of environmental and salvage incidents as promptly as possible to mitigate any potential future risks.  We have built up a great reputation in the United States and around the world for our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to all manner of salvage incidents.”

CMA Shipping also featured talks about the burgeoning offshore wind sector in the United States, with Ulysses Hammond, Executive Director at Connecticut Port Authority telling attendees that the United States’ first utility-scale offshore wind farm is set to become fully operational, generating 132 MW of power to the state of New York.

Offshore wind is expected to become a big growth area for the United States over the coming years and likewise, Brookes Bell, is ramping up its offshore expertise and capabilities to support this growing sector.  As more of these offshore wind farms are commissioned and constructed, there is likely to be a lot more case work allowing us to support the maritime and energy sectors with our services,” William noted.

Next year, CMA Shipping will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association and with it the importance of everyone in the shipping community remaining connected to drive towards a positive future by making the industry cleaner and more effective for all who benefit.

Andrew Yarwood
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