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Mike Liu
Mike Liu

Fuel Chemist

work Singapore

work +65 6539 0540
cell +65 9658 0452

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Career Summary

Curriculum Vitae

Mike Liu is a fuel & lubricant specialist with more than 20 years' experience in the field of oil testing, R & D, technical troubleshooting and product marketing & promotion. He obtained a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering back in 1994. After graduation, he started his career in an independent lab, where he was testing petroleum and petrochemical products. He spent 16 years conducting dedicated hands-on laboratory work for various commercial organisations, gaining analytical skills in dealing with various types of oil products, as well as gaining knowledge of various ASTM, API, IP, ISO, DIN standards and test methods. 


After he left laboratory work in 2010, Mike's next career stage was more customer-oriented, to provide technical advice and solution to customers in the fuel and lubricant industries, and work closely with laboratories to deliver such advice and solutions. 

His experience extends to the tribology through his extensive work involving lubrication requirement for all kinds of machineries, including but not limited to internal combustion engines (both 2-stroke and 4-stroke), gas and steam turbines, transmission & hydraulic systems, compressors and pumps. His work was also related to troubleshooting and investigating various machine problems potentially caused by the use of specific fuel and lubrication oils. 

He has spent 7 years in pursuing research and development activities during his work with global chemical companies, such as BASF and Evonik. His R&D area was related to the use of various additives for fuel and lubricants, which include cold flow improvers, antioxidant, dispersants and others. Mike's knowledge of fuels is evidenced by his achievement, as a key team member of inventing and patenting one chemical additive that greatly enhances rapeseed biodiesel cold flow performance in diesel blends that are widely used in Europe. 

Prior to joining Brookes Bell, Mike has conducted joint roadshow and seminars for technology promotion with some major oil companies in the region. He was responsible for the market trend for the Oil & Gas industries in Asia and frequently attended ICIS and other fuel & lubricant conferences for Asia Pacific. He was BASF's Asia Pacific co-ordinator for BASF global marine fuel & lubricant initiatives. 

Academic Qualifications 

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. 

Professional Memberships 

  • Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers 

Previous Employment History 

  • Fuel Chemist at Brookes Bell in Singapore 
  • Technical Service Manager for Fuels & Lubricants, BASF South East Asia 
  • Product Manager for Lube Oil at Hin Leong Trading/Ocean Tankers 
  • Product Development Chemist at Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific 
  • Senior Chemist at United Oil Company 
  • Chemist at Unicorn Oil Company Pte Ltd 
  • Lab Analyst at SGSTL Pte Ltd  
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