Petroleum/Fuel Products

Aside from our extensive, in-depth experience handling crude oil related issues, the Brookes Bell team is also adept at dealing with challenges and issues related to petroleum fuel products.

Our team continually stays ahead of the latest developments thanks to our culture of innovation, so we can offer the best advice related to:

  • Contaminations of fuel oil
  • Investigation of quality issues, including:
    • Colour, water separation index modified (WSIM), freeze point and thermal stability problems with jet fuel cargoes
    • Water contamination of vacuum gas oil (VGO), carbon black oil, lubricants
    • Chloride contamination
    • Sulphur content of diesel
    • Particulate matter
    • Discolouration
    • Flash point issues
  • Contamination of clean petroleum products (CPP), including:
    • Naphthas, gasolines, jet fuels, kerosene, gas oils and diesels
  • Contamination of dirty petroleum products (DPP), including:
    • Vacuum gas oils, lubricating oils, carbon black, slurry oils, heavy fuel
  • General bills of lading and outturn disputes
  • General investigations into alleged in-transit losses
  • Cargo conversion
  • Contamination of white mineral oils
  • Charterparty disputes
  • Description of cargoes
  • Cargo heating disputes
  • Tank cleaning disputes
  • Inspection of cargo tanks, after rejection for loading
  • Bunker contaminations (quality and resultant engine damage)

If you’re looking for the very best MARPOL Annex 1 crude oil and petroleum products consultancy services, you’ve just found them.

Marrying decades of experience, a culture of innovation and a focus on delivering an exceptional return on your investment, Brookes Bell can help you with your crude oil and fuel-related issues. Contact us today to find out more.

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