Berth Waiting Forecast Launched to Predict Port Congestion

Berth Waiting Forecast Launched to Predict Port Congestion

With ports across the world reporting increasing levels of congestion and berth waiting times in the wake of the Red Sea disruptions, a new ‘berth waiting forecast’ service has been launched by Weathernews Inc. 

Integrating business data from shipping companies with precise weather insights, the service aims to help users accurately predict the status of delayed ships at ports. 

More specifically, Weathernews’ Berth Waiting Forecast service will provide real-time monitoring of ship delay status and congestion forecasts up to one week in advance. The service will leverage AIS data from over 70,000 ships and factor in weather conditions and day-of-the-week variations. 

Weathernews expects the service will allow shippers to optimise their voyage plans and adjust speeds, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and avoiding costly delays at ports. 

In addition to monitoring major ports, the Berth Waiting Forecast will provide forecasts for ports where droughts, heavy rains, and floods have caused port closures or large-scale delays. 

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