Brookes Bell Expo success

Over 50 people attended Brookes Bell’s Expo in London International Shipping Week.  The event was widely welcomed because of its engaging and interactive format as it showcased Brookes Bell’s world-leading technical and scientific consultancy services. 

Guests could wear virtual reality headsets to explore the upper deck of a tanker ship, examine samples of contaminated cargo – everything from fertiliser to soya beans and fats – to guess if it was off-spec or sound, or examine the navigational route of a vessel as part of a marine accident investigation. They could try and identify different types of fuel and examine residues left as a result of sludging or see exactly how much a non-destructive testing scanner could reveal about corrosion underneath a solid surface or the strength of a weld.

Anthony York, COO, commented: “This was an entirely new format for us, but it proved extremely successful.  We are in the lucky position to have some really interesting, ground-breaking techniques and investigative processes to demonstrate, we’ll certainly be developing this format for future events based on the level of interest and enthusiasm of our guests.  We were very pleased to support LISW and were delighted to see so many people despite many people’s understandable trepidation after the global pandemic.”

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