Dr Tim Moss moves to Singapore

Dr Tim Moss moves to Singapore

Dr Tim Moss, Brookes Bell's Director of Science Asia has relocated from Brookes Bell's office in Hong Kong, to Singapore. 

He commented: "I am very happy to be based in Singapore now, essentially we all travel and investigate, troubleshoot and advise on a broad range of maritime matters from any of our offices, but after quite a long time in lockdown in Hong Kong, I am delighted to be working with our team face-to-face again".

Tim's area of expertise is the investigation of spoilage, damage, infestation and deterioration during carriage and the storage of a wide variety of commodities.  These include grains, oilseeds, bagged products such as sugar, rice and coffee, processed products such as soya bean meal, liquid cargoes such as edible oils, minerals, chemicals and refrigerated goods.

He also has specific knowledge in the contamination of cargoes and the environment with potentially toxic substances such as fuel, diesels, solvents and chemicals.  His background in chemical safety means that he has both practical experience with a variety of hazardous materials and can advise on carriage and packaging of such materials whether in bulk or packaged.

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