Meet the Team

Meet the Team

With more than 15 years of seagoing experience, including nearly a decade spent navigating the intricate world of chemical tankers, Monir Uddin, Brookes Bell’s latest Principal Marine Engineer based in Houston, Texas, brings a wealth of maritime expertise to the table.  His journey from the heart of vessel operations to the realm of consultancy has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a thirst for understanding the complexities of marine machinery and hull systems.

As a Class 1 Marine Engineer, Monir's career trajectory has been dedicated to ensuring the seamless operation and maintenance of vessel machinery, adhering to the highest international standards and regulations.  His tenure as Chief Engineer on board a number of tanker vessels, where he oversaw the day-to-day functions of vessel machineries, imbued him with a deep understanding of the complexities involved in keeping these complex vessels running and compliant, particularly those outlined by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) to meet the stringent requirements of oil majors.

In his pursuit of broader horizons, Monir ventured into the consultancy domain, drawn to Brookes Bell by the firm’s renowned capabilities in metallurgical and failure analysis, where his focus on surveying and auditing marine and offshore vessels of all types became instrumental.  Drawing upon his extensive experience in marine engineering and offshore operations, Monir swiftly established himself as a trusted authority in conducting comprehensive surveys, including OCIMF OVID and IMCA eCMID inspection standards.

I am thrilled to be part of the Brookes Bell team and to be able to contribute to their renowned capabilities and services globally.  A huge lure was the firm’s unparalleled in-house metallurgical analysis and testing, giving me the opportunity to collaborate with experts across various disciplines to tackle complex maritime failure analysis challenges,” says Monir. 

When a vessel sustains damage, be it from direct collisions, groundings or structural failures and its Owner initiates a claim with their P&I Club, a third-party external expert is appointed to delve into the specifics of the claim and assess the extent of the damage and determine a realistic claim amount for undertaking repairs.  In his role as a Marine Engineer and Hull & Machinery surveyor, combined with his extensive experience, Monir has developed a key understanding of how to dig into the root cause of a vessel’s machinery failure.

In the realm of hull & machinery surveys, when vessels encounter damage, my expertise as a marine engineer and surveyor becomes pivotal in meticulously assessing the extent of the damage, investigate the cause of the failure and to determine realistic claim amounts.  I help to ensure transparency and accuracy in claims processes, scrutinising causation and offering objective insights.”

Monir added that “Brookes Bell’s reputation in this domain alongside leveraging cutting-edge expertise makes us a trusted partner for clients navigating the complexities of marine claims.”

As part of the claims process, the vessel's Owner, its Captain and crew must present their evidence from their own internal investigations.  However, as there are vested interests at stake, the external surveyor must act as an independent third party to determine whether the Owner’s comment on the causation is reasonable.  On occasion, the surveyor may disagree and present their own version of accounts from their perspective to the insurer.

Monir noted that a key challenge facing Hull & Machinery surveyors is remaining up to date on the changing regulatory landscape of the shipping industry, adding that the industry has changed a lot since his earlier seagoing days. 

Regulatory changes have greatly changed the standards that vessels must comply with, and technological advances continue to push the industry forward.  The increasing complexity of vessel machinery, such as through a complicated array of electrical systems, means there are many more factors that need to be considered when assessing a claim.  It is vital that, as a vessel engineer and surveyor, we remain aware of the changing landscape and trends in our industry,” Monir noted.

In the wake of hull or machinery damage, Brookes Bell stands ready to provide unparalleled expertise and support.  Our global team can help you manage the complexities of claims with transparency, objectivity, and precision.  To find out more about our Hull & Machinery services, click here.

Anthony York
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